I'm Not Proud

I am a normal girl... with an obsession with One Direction. I am not emo or anything. I just have black hair. My obsession with One direction, is a little extreme. I know directioners aren't supposed to have favorites, but I do. Niall. He'll never love me, unless I force him.


1. Plan

  I am 19,  and college isn't something I am eligible for. So I have a lot of time on my hands, and In that time, I am planning the unthinkable. To kidnap One Direction. The famous boyband. I will do it. As my mother said on her death bed, to me, "Do anything and everything, just do" and so, I am. I may look goth or emo to you, but I'm not. I am not those creepy people who stare at children in stores and try suicide, I am completely normal. But i do wear black, and I have black hair. Back off, its me not you. Anyways, I have concert tickets and backstage passes, and meet and greets! When you live in a house on your own because all of your family is dead, you don't do much else than live. And of course save money! So i plan to do it then. It'll work. It has to.

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