Have You Heard Of The Payne Sisters?

Hi! I'm Mckenna Payne (A.K.A. Mickey). Yes, the sister of Liam Payne from 1D, but nobody knows that so...SHHHH. I'm 7 years old and have a twin sister named Sarah (A.K.A SarBear.) This is our story!


5. What A Great Summer

Mckenna's POV

       You know how when you love someone you want to protect them and make sure they're always happy? Well, that is why I have second thoughts about Liam loving Sarah and I. He doesn't protect us from heartbreak. In fact he just breaks our hearts. Then he keeps us a secret?! He says that is to protect us, but do you know how hard it is to have you friends ask you 'Do you have any siblings?' and for you to have to responed in a lie?

        After that call we were bawling. "Mckenna... Sarah?" our mum called for us. "Coming!" We wiped away our tears and ran downstairs.


"Yes Mum?"

"Wait... Were you crying?"

"Yeah we just...um...watched Titanic" It was the first thing that came to mind.

"OK?" Mum responed as more of a question.

"So Mum?"

"Oh yes! Guess what?!"

"Um... Justin Bieber is joining 1D?" Sarah answer with sass.

" Well... We are... GOING TO SEE LIAM!!!"

"Great..." I mumbled.

"Oh girls...Just go pack your bags... Oh and you two will be staying with him and the boys for the next month..."

"WHAT?!" we screamed in unison.

"Just go upstairs and pack your bags."


"You know Sarah this is so far the worst summer ever."

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