Have You Heard Of The Payne Sisters?

Hi! I'm Mckenna Payne (A.K.A. Mickey). Yes, the sister of Liam Payne from 1D, but nobody knows that so...SHHHH. I'm 7 years old and have a twin sister named Sarah (A.K.A SarBear.) This is our story!


3. That One Day! Grrr!

    That one  day we were all sitting in the kitchen eating dinner and Liam stood up and said "I have an annoucment to make." "What is it LiLi?!" Sarah and I both said together. "Well I was thinking about audtioning for X-Factor again." "Honey thats great!!!" Mom jumped up and screamed. "I don't really agree" Dad said under his breath. "Daddy SHHH! It's a great idea, Liam and we will supprot you all the way through." I said linking arms with Sarah . "AWWW thanks! I think I'll start practicing now!" Liam said as he dashed up the stairs...

   Since then he as never had time for us. Music was more important. Then he joined One Direction.  He always out partying. He didn't even show up at our last two birthday parties. I just want LiLi back not Liam Payne of 1D. 





Hey guys Mckenna and Sarah are like Matilda. They may be ONLY 7 but they are as smart as a 12 year old maybe even smarter!

Nialler's_Sweetie :D :P :)

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