Have You Heard Of The Payne Sisters?

Hi! I'm Mckenna Payne (A.K.A. Mickey). Yes, the sister of Liam Payne from 1D, but nobody knows that so...SHHHH. I'm 7 years old and have a twin sister named Sarah (A.K.A SarBear.) This is our story!


4. I'm a Horrible Person

*Present time* Liam's pov

     "Hey Zayn what is today's date?" I asked Zayn who was sitting across from me.

"Umm...It is...June 13th."

"Than- Wait what?! I missed the twins' birthday!! It was like three days ago!"

"Well don't just stand there call them!"


I ran over to the phone and dialed the house number.

*Phone call (S-Sarah, M-Mckenna L-Liam)*


L- Hey Mickey...


L- Yep! Its me.

S- Where were you? You missed our birthday party.

L- I know I was at a metting with the boys. I'm so sorry

M&S- It's fine Liam(sniffle)

L- Awww! Please don't cry I'm sorry!

M- Don't cry?! Don't cry?! Liam thats the third birthday you've missed in a row! I bet you don't even know how old we are!!

L-Umm... 6?

S- Liam we just turned 8!! 8 years old. But, you wouldn't know that now. Would you?!

L- Look. I'm sorry I-

S- Save it Liam there are no excuses!

*Call ended*

I feel so bad now I have never made them cry! ...Or I don't think I have... I am a horrible person!





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