Have You Heard Of The Payne Sisters?

Hi! I'm Mckenna Payne (A.K.A. Mickey). Yes, the sister of Liam Payne from 1D, but nobody knows that so...SHHHH. I'm 7 years old and have a twin sister named Sarah (A.K.A SarBear.) This is our story!


7. Don't Talk! Pretend You Can't Hear!

*SKIP PLANE & CAR RIDE* (sorry for the time skip..)

 Sarah's P.O.V.

 We got off the plane and retrived our suitcases.

"Come on girls! Your dad got a taxi!" Mum shouted.

I had just realized we were drifting behind. We ran up to our parents and climbed in the taxi.

"Where to?" the driver asked.

"165 Gunge Live Dr." Mum said smiling.

"More like 'The Hell Hole'." I whispered to Mckenna.

We both giggled and the car started moving. We talked the whole way there.

"Okay. You ready? Keep a straight face and ask Mum and Dad all the questions. Don't say a single word to Liam or his little boyfriends. Got it?" Mckenna asked.

I just nodded and we got out of the taxi. Liam came running out the door.

"Mickey!! SarBear!!" Liam came running and picked us up, each in one arm.

We did like Mckenna said and kept a straight face and didn't say a word. We started squirming out of his grip and he let us down.

"Hey, baby girls! How are you?" Liam asked smiling.

We just pushed past him and into his house. There were 4 really cute guys on the couch.

"Those must be Liam's friends.." I whispered to Mckenna pointing at the boys.

"They're really cute." she replied looking at me.

"Why, thank you." a voice said from behind us. We turned around find one of the boys had gotten off the couch and came over.

"I'm Zayn. You must be the little twins." Zayn said holding out his hand.

We just stared at him with straight face. He soon put his hand down.

"Okay. A little shy. What are your names?" Zayn asked smiling weakly.

Again we just stared.

"Well, then. Bye." Zayn said walking over to Liam and whispering.

All of Liam's friends introduced themselves. Each time we kept our straight face and just stared.

We did learn the boys are Zayn, Louis, Harry and Niall.

"Okay girls your rooms are upstairs. Down the hall to the left, second door on your right." Liam said.

We walked upstairs and found our room. It had a bathroom, toys, a desk, and a bunk bed. Mckenna called top bunk which, was so unfair. But, I really didn't mind.

"Yay! Mckenna it worked now just keep it up and we are good!" I said smiling.

"I know!" Mckenna squelled back.

There was a knock on the door.

"It's Niall... open the door." I walked over and opened the door. Niall walked in and sat on my bunk.

"Okay spill why aren't you talking." Niall said looking straight at us.

I walked over to Mckenna. I grabbed a peice of paper and wrote:

'Pretend Your Deaf And Start Moving Your Hands As If Your Signing.'

I handed the paper to Mckenna and she nodded. We did as I said.

Niall just looked confused.

"What are you doing?" Niall asked.

I decided it was fun so, I kept going. I pointed to myself and mouthed 'I' then, I shooke my head and mouth 'can't' then, I pointed to my ear and was about to mouth 'hear' when Niall said,

"Okay. I know, 'I can't hear you.' By the way I know your not deaf because when Liam told you where your room was your weren't looking at him." Niall said smirking like he was a genuis.

Mckenna and I's heads turned to face the floor. (hehe!) I looked Niall in the eyes and said, (hehe! I had to..) 

"We don't want to talk to the bloke who acted like we weren't alive for years..."

"What?! Liam couldn't help that. Come here let me explain." Niall said.

We walked over and we each sat one of his knees.

"We have these people that tell us what to do. Liam was told, since the public didn't know about you, that he could only contact you on special occasions. He was told he couldn't visit you. He always gets caught up in work... You don't know how many times Liam has cried because he was never able to see you or talk to you. You really have no idea." Niall told us with a sad face.

I was shocked that meant Liam really did care...



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