Have You Heard Of The Payne Sisters?

Hi! I'm Mckenna Payne (A.K.A. Mickey). Yes, the sister of Liam Payne from 1D, but nobody knows that so...SHHHH. I'm 7 years old and have a twin sister named Sarah (A.K.A SarBear.) This is our story!


2. About Us

    Don't go oh, your sooooooo lucky, because we're not. Liam's soooo Full of himself! "Oh All Girls Fancy Me!" "Oh Everyone Loves One Direction!" Grr I hate him and he's mum's favorite too. Surprise, Surprise!! I remember when he used to play with me and Sarah it was so much fun, we would scream with joy in our voices, I used to love him. I still do just... not quite as much... our bond weakens day by day....

~ Miss Retro~ Edited By, Nialler's_Sweetie

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