The Movellas Star Award

A chance for you to choose the best writers and stories of movellas for a wide range of genres. Here you get to nominate the ones you think need to shine. From there, you keep voting for the best ones and at the end. I will pick the winner. Please Enter.


1. Welcome

Welcome to the Movellas Star Award, hosted this year by your one and only Sabitha aka ♥MiaFlora♥. Here you get to nominate who and what stories should win all the different awards.  If you would like to co-author with me, become one of the judges comment below.

The different Genres you can win

Best Romance Book

Best Horror Book

Best Adventure Book

Best Diary book

Best Science-Fiction Book

Best Realism Book

Best Historical Fiction Book

Best Fan-Fiction

and the nominees are

Die You by StillTheHoran

Best Journalism Book

Best Humor Book

Best Lyrics Book

the nominees are My song by mrstomlinson1224

Best Mystery and Suspense Book

Best Paranormal and Supernatural Book

Best Non Fiction Book

Best Pets and Animals Book

Bests Plays

Best Romance Writer

Best Horror Writer

Best Adventure Writer

Best Diary Writer

Best Science-Fiction Writer

Best Realism Writer

Best Humor Writer

Best Paranormal and Supernatural Writer

Best Lyrics Writer

Best Mystery Writer

Best Non Fiction Writer

Best Animal Story Writer

Best Play Writer

Best under 13 author

Best 13-18 writer

nominees are


Best 18+ writer

Best Overall Writer

nominees are

Still the Horan

Best Overall Book

Begin to write and enter write now please. Don't miss the chance to participate in the Movellas Star Award. A one in a lifetime opportunity, don't miss this amazing chance.

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