His Six Strings

Kaitlyn and Niall always loved each other but they didn't show it but one night alone has them closer than ever: if you don't get it nialls most important possession is his guitar and katie is like his guitar, important, special


1. when he plays me

Katies POV

all i can hear is the beautiful guitar being played by the one i truly love then he offers to teach me play and told me to sit on his lap i was so happy the warmth of his body flooded through me Niall took my hand and guided me by strumming up and down i looked at him and then i remembered the boys wernt here. niall started leaning in i felt myself doing so too and our lips intertwined it felt so perfect!

Nialls POV 

the kiss i  didnt want it to end but the boys came home a few minutes later. but katies smile was so beautiful after our kiss i need to tell her my feelings for her "katie, that kiss was perfect i need you, i love you katie!" "i love you too niall"  those words meant world to me 

katies POV 

after me and Nialls snogging session and our gutair lesson me and him were cuddling on the couch, i was so tired I fell asleep on his warm, bare, chest.

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