His Six Strings

Kaitlyn and Niall always loved each other but they didn't show it but one night alone has them closer than ever: if you don't get it nialls most important possession is his guitar and katie is like his guitar, important, special


2. the Chords

Katies POV

when i woke up niall was gone then he came in with his guitar and played me the most beautiful song and kissed me i couldnt be happier. today niall was teaching me about chords like i know what that is, but i find it cute  teaching me this. so he explains what chords are apparently they are these thing that are notes played at the same time i guess. then niall started playing me, chords, arpeggios, and all ;) 

Nialls POV

this girl is like no other she is more special than any other girl she and my guitar are the two things that matter to me

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