loving him (a zayn fan fic)

danny was a typicla girl she lived in london with her little sister and father untill one day she met someone that was involved with her past


1. meeting him again

everything changed when she moved to london she moved in with her father and her 4 yar oldsisteer (ava marie) .But her and her sister were always alone because of her father's work he was always so busy. She decided to go take a walkwith her little sister in the park.She never predicted that her past was soon going to be her future. zayn's pov I was depressed after breaking up with perrie. But i didnt really loved her as much as i loved danny so i decided to go to the park for a walk to get my mindoff.Inever thought that i would find her there.As soon as i decided to talk to her i didnt notice that she was pushing her in the swing .Many thoughts came into my mind had she moved on, has she forgotten about me , is that her daughter.He was shaking ,but he decided to go and talk to her.As soon as i was close to her.She saw me and dropped her mouth in disbelief.But then she reacted and she reached for a hug.Then we started to talk about our lives.I saw the little girl .co.ing towards us she was so beautyfull just. i decided to ask her about her. "ehhy is that your daugter''?? she just giggled her gieggle made me day is was just the cutest giggle ever. i was relieved at her answer "no its my little sister ava" I hope yall like this chapter im still not finished thoe i just want to hear yalls opinions plz comment of what you think about the story should i write more or stop
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