Torn Apart

Elena is the newbe at school again but she gets the surprise of here life where 2 of the hottest guys in school begin to fall in love ith her. but its not all rainbows and butterflies when she cant chose who she truly belongs with and just the simple fact that they are completely different makes it even harder. Lets see what happenes shall we?...


5. the question


Niall's POV


I woke up in the morning feeling unusually happy but i dont know why but it still fell really good. i got dressed and thhe usual and went to school

i was walking down the hallway filled with peple and at the end i could see Elena talking to someone but the person was blocked by someone else. i get closer and see that it is Harry and they seem to be having a deep coversation and i could see how their eyes never lift the other person's. i walked to them and interupted "hey Elena hows it going?" i could see the look of annoyed in Harry "oh hey mate, didnt see you there" i tried to be a bit nicer although i wasnt sure y i was being so mean but i think it has to do with the fact that im starting to like Elena.The bell rings "well ill see you later" Harry wraps his arms around her and gives her a kiss on the cheek and i couldnt help but go totally read in anger but i shook it off. I walked be Elena and as we were getting into class i put one hand on her back and sort of walked with her. i knew she knew my hand was there because i saw her shiver slightly when i placed it there but she never moved away. 


At lunch i was the first one at he table and then came Harry and Elena but they werent holding hands or anything just talking. they sat down and i moved my way closer to her and Harry gave me this concerned look mixed with a look of confusion which was odd but i knew he knew someting was going on with me he just porbably wasnt sure what. "so Elena i was wondeing" she turned around as i started talking " u wanna hang out after school we can go watch a movie or something?" i asked an di knew my voice was shaky. "umm sure sounds cool" i was so happy right now, i full after noon just me and her. 


Elena's POV


I know that me and Harry kissed but im not really his girlfriend so i guess its ok, right? well whatever i already said yes and Niall seems really sweet and nice. The other three boys and we all just started chatting . I could see Zayn stare over at Ashely's table every few minutes, it doesnt bother me bu ti think those two have some unresolved business.  Danielle walks by me and i signal her to sit with us but i can see her eyes were planted on Liam the entire time which i found to be totally cute. 



After school i saw Niall in the parking lot next to a gray convertible. " hey" i waved, " hi, you ready?" he asked like gentleman  "ya totally" i smiled. he was so cute!!!!. he opened his car door for me and i got in then he went around and sat at he driver seat. "so where are we going?" i ask curious. "how does a movie sound?" he asked and i really liked the idea so i smiled and nodded. "great how about Avatar? i havent seen that one?" he asked, "ya sounds great i havent seen it either"  i was wondering if this was like a date but i didnt want to ask ad sound pushy. he turned on the radio and we drove to the movies talking about anything and everything.

we got too the cinema and we went inside after we got our tickets. once the movie started it all went quiet except for the sound system of course. about half an hour into the movie i had my hand on the arm rest and i felt niall put his hand on mine, i only twitched a bit but i kept my hand there and threw the corner of my eye i could see niall smile like a little boy who just got away with something. it was so cute. 

as the movie went on our fingers began to slowly entwine and pretty soon we were holding hand but i couldn't help but feel guilty at the thought that i had kissed harry. oh well he is not here and niall is a total gentle man. 

after the movie we were still holding hands and we were heading to the parking lot but before we got there niall grabbed my hips and turned me to face him. i looked into his beautiful blue eyes and i couldnt help but fall completely in love for that moment


Nialls POV


what am i doing, i cant, too late i have to say something now! "your so beautiful" i looked at her not believing that  i just said that. i saw her cheeks turn red. "and i really like you, i have never felt like this for anyone before!" okay im officially crazy but i cant back down now i have to tell he everything. "i wish you would give me a chance to be more than just your friend" 

"oh niall, i would love to but..." she was hesitating oh no. "i really like you and yes even maybe more than just a friend but...its complicated" i couldnt believe what i was hearing "let me show you how simple it actually is" and before i even finished i had my lips pressed against hers and ot just that but se was actually kissing me back!!! this is the best moment ever buti pulled away "im so sorry , i dont usually do this heh" i let out a small laugh "oh shush" she leaned forward and this time SHE kissed ME, what is this!!!!

but it came to an end. :(


Elenas POV


i am so confused so i might as well just figure things out right even if it might make me sound totally desperate. "sooo does this mean be are dating?" i smiled but i could feel my stomach twist and turn like a tornado. Niall let out a little adorable laugh "i guess we are" both giggled and got into the car to drive home. 

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