Torn Apart

Elena is the newbe at school again but she gets the surprise of here life where 2 of the hottest guys in school begin to fall in love ith her. but its not all rainbows and butterflies when she cant chose who she truly belongs with and just the simple fact that they are completely different makes it even harder. Lets see what happenes shall we?...


1. the new girl again

Elena's POV


Oh great first day of school...again. I thought to myself as i woke up to the sound of my alarm. My parents like to move around a lot and as their child i have the honor of having to get dragged with then, but the good thing is that they promised me we would be here until i finished high school which is in two years so we'll see if they hold out. "come on Elena you're going to be late!" i hear me mom scream at me from the kitchen. i slide into my fuzzy slippers and go to the bathroom to get ready. 

I come out and I cant decide on what to wear so i choose a nice pair of skinny jeans and a baby blue blouse, I brush my hair and put a nice white head band on it with a white bow. i but on my favorite pair of brown boots and walk down stair to eat breakfast.

"so are you excited?" asks my mom while making my pancakes.

"ya im so excited i even decided to where lip gloss" i said sarcastically. Then my mom started her usual speech on how i would make lots of new friends and everything was going to be fine. She put the pancakes on my plate and i started to eat, i actually was pretty excited though im not quite sure why since i have had about 20 first days of school in my life but yet i felt this was going to be an unusual year for me.


"bus is here!" i heard my mom say. i grabbed my bag and walked to the bus then turned around and waved goodbye. It was about a month into the year so everyone knew everyone but me. i walked into the bus and made my way down the rows to an empty seat and with that the bus started to move. After two stops i was still sitting alone until we got to one stop where 5 super hot guys were waiting that the bus stop. One had brown curly hair with these dreamy green/blue eyes, one had a buzz cut with light brown eyes, one with dark brown almost black hair and dark brown eyes, one this blond hair with blue eyes, and the last one look kinda like a red head from a far with her hair to the side and blue eyes.They looked like they were all best friends because they were talking and and laughing together.the bus doors opened and they stepped inside and made their way down the rows, the one with the buzz cut and the blonde sat behind me, the red head and the dark haired sat on the seat beside me one the other side of the bus while the curly haired boy sat beside me but i dont think he noticed my cause he kept on talking to his friends all the way to school. We got off the bus and i pulled out my scheduled and walked to class but i noticed the blonde walking right behind me but i tried not to look as i walked.


i made it to my class and sat down in an empty seat it the 3 row near the side of the class then i see blonde sit down in the empty seat beside me and looks at me for a moment. i tried not to look but i couldn't hold it so i looked, he gave me a small smile that made me feel all fuzzy inside.                                                                                                                                                                                          

"my name is Niall...Niall Horan" he said as he stretched out his hand. "im Elena Davies" i said as i shaked his hand. 


******Author's note*******

Hey guys this is my first story and i would really appreciate some support and some helpful comments!!!!!! i will keep writing chapters as much as i can but i have alot of homework so sorry if its a long time gap 


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