Torn Apart

Elena is the newbe at school again but she gets the surprise of here life where 2 of the hottest guys in school begin to fall in love ith her. but its not all rainbows and butterflies when she cant chose who she truly belongs with and just the simple fact that they are completely different makes it even harder. Lets see what happenes shall we?...


2. meet the boys


Nialls POV


" iv never seen you here before, are you new?" i asked. she seemed pretty cool as if she were used to being around complete strangers but it was nice and easy to talk to her. "ya i am" she said giving me a nice smile, she was really pretty with nice light brown eyes than seemed to have put me in a trans that i soon snapped out of when the teacher walked into the room.

" that's Mr.Grendan,he is really funny but he just does that so we dont hate him for all homework he gives us but its all cool" i joked trying to make her smile but to my luck i got a giggle, it was cute.

"morning class, whats this? it seems we have a new student. Please stand up and introduce yourself" Mr.Grendan commanded to Elena. "hey im Elena Davis" she waved at the class but i could see she felt awkward.


Elena's POV

Niall was really nice...and kinda cute too. The rest of the class went by and then i went to second period where i found the curly haired guy and the buzz cut too in my class but they never talked to me, although i swear i could see then glance at me every few minutes then whisper something to each other. I didn't know weather to blush or be upset so i decided not to worry about it. The rest of the morning went be pretty fast. Then came lunch time.

I sat at an empty table to eat my lunch when i see the five boys enter the cafeteria.I see niall give me a little head nod and starts to walk my way with the other guys. 


Harry's POV 


" Guys lets go sit with the new girl" Niall offers us as we enter the cafeteria and he starts to stare at a girl sitting alone at one of the tables. I had seen her before in my class at second period, She had curly dirty-blonde hair and light brown eyes. Me and Liam had been checking her out before and she was really pretty.

"hey Elena" NIall smiled and sat beside her, "this is Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis they are my best buds" he introduced us to her and i smiled, i was kind of nervous but i didnt know why since i am so easy with girls she seemed different.

"so you are the new girl" Zaynn pointed out "well is you need anything you know who to call" he offered and we all laughed

"so where are you from?" asked Liam 

"im from Columbia but me and me parents move around a lot" she answered

"well i hope you stay here for a while, you seem like a cool chick" Louis commented and i could see her blush when he winked at her.

I wanted to start up a conversation but i didnt know what to say so i asked the dumbest question ever or so i though, "so what do you think of the school?" i asked, hoping she was comfortable enough to answer, she was. "its a pretty good school but i dont really know anyone here" she seemed sort of down "well you now know us and we are at your services" she smiled at my little heplful joke. "ehhh, that is when im not in football. Sorry cutie but its sports first for me" Zayn cancelled himself out "But im free on weekend"

We all talked during the rest of lunch and we all tried to make her laugh.


******Authors note******

Hey guys i know this story has a lot of details but thats just how i write anyways hope you enjoyed it and dont worry it will get more dramatic 


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