Torn Apart

Elena is the newbe at school again but she gets the surprise of here life where 2 of the hottest guys in school begin to fall in love ith her. but its not all rainbows and butterflies when she cant chose who she truly belongs with and just the simple fact that they are completely different makes it even harder. Lets see what happenes shall we?...


6. girls night


after what happened today i needed to talk to someone. i called Danielle and asked her if she could come and sleep over.

i few minutes later i heard a knock on my door so i went to open it and in came Danielle. "thanks for coming i have so much to tell you" i sounded to excited so she got a bit suspicious and gave me the "whats going on" look so i grabbed her hand and pulled her up to my room.

"you will not believe what happened today!!!" i couldn't help but laugh like an idiot "so what are you waiting for TELL ME!!!" she was just as excited to hear as i was to tell her.

"well as you know Niall asked me to the movies today and one thing lead to another and now we are dating!!!" i was talking so fast Danielle couldn't even understand "okay slow down and give me details" so i told her the entire story from beginning to end. "OMG IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!" Danielle was so happy i could see it in her eyes even though everything happened to me. "but there is a problem" i couldnt help but still feel super guilty "Harry kissed me yesturday and i dont know how he will take it" danielle seemed so surprised all she could say was "wow thats tough"

we began talking some more and then i just needed to ask her "so i get this feeling you have some feelings for liam am i right???" she started to blush "well i think he is cute and..." she so liked him "oh who am i kidding yes i like him so much i think he is super sweet! but he will ever like me" she was so sad "yes he will and i can promis i will have him to you knees in less than a month" i knew i could do it plus liam is totally fit for her. 

Neither of us was tired so me started to watch a movie, it was a comidy about a man who gets penguins and it was weird. about half way through the movie i get a text fromm Niall that said "hey love i cant sleep, i keep thinking about you :*x". "aww baby i cant sleep either but its mostly cause im not tired and Danielle is here so i have company:)" "oh sow youdont miss me one bit?" he asked, i giggled and danielle looked over muy shoulder to see who i was talking to. "haha ofcourse i do! i wish you were here" Danielle gave me glare as i sent it "that can be arranged!;)" this made me smile as i read it "maybe tomorrow" and that was basically it. Me and Dani yawned at the same time and we dicided to go to sleep.



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