Torn Apart

Elena is the newbe at school again but she gets the surprise of here life where 2 of the hottest guys in school begin to fall in love ith her. but its not all rainbows and butterflies when she cant chose who she truly belongs with and just the simple fact that they are completely different makes it even harder. Lets see what happenes shall we?...


3. a bit of drama


Louis's POV


We were talking a lot while we ate our lunch and then out of nowhere Ashley comes and starts making out with Zayn. ***(Ashley is Zayn's girlfriends but they had a fight and Zayn is thinking of dumping her)*** This was normal but i bet Elena felt really awkward so i decided to break the drama and i gave out a fake cough and Ashley looked up.

"well hello there Ashley" i said and she gave me the "what was that for" look. "so who is this?" she asked looking at Elena is an annoyed sort of way "umm well this is elena she is new" Zayn answered as soon as he got his breath back. Ashley looked at elena up and down once as if she was judging her then she flipped her hair and walked away with two other girls behind them. "what was that about?" Elena wondered and i could see why we all smirked at Zayn and he didnt exactly blush, it was more of a worried look> "that is Ashley snd she is my girlfriend...but..." Zayn looked down and sighed "i want to break up with her but i dont know how i mean we  have been together for a year and a half and i dont want to hurt her" Zayn really cared about girls feelings. " Awwwww you dont want to hurt her feelings thats cute. ARE YOU SERIOUS JUST GO EVER THERE AND DUMP HER I MEAN WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE MISERABLE!!!!" harry tried to convince Zayn to just man up. "you know what you are right!" Zayn stood up and started to walk to Ashley. " oh its about to go down" i tried to joke but this moment was way to serious to laugh.


Zayn's POV


I couldnt help but feel shivers as i walked up to Ashley. I know i said i cared about her feelings, well i really dont i mean we have been fighting for the past few months and i cant take it anymore, but problem is she is not only cheer leading captain but she is also the most popular girl in school and she can turn the entire school against me if she wanted. but i really want to try new people and maybe ever that Elena girl i mean sh eis really hot and super sweet and i think i am getting feelings for her  "hey Ashley we have to talk" i informed as i made my way up to her  "okay babe come" she took my hand and pulled me to an empty spot in the cafeteria "look i know we have been dating for  a long time and i think we need a break and see other people." i tried to lay it  down easy "WAIT YOU ARE BREAKING UP WITH ME?!?!?!?!" she screamed and i could see the entire cafeteria turn to stare at us, " look im sorry okay" i turned around and walked back to my table and i knew that Ashley was really mad and i bet she was gonna try and find out why i dumper her. 

i got back to the table and we didnt talk for the rest of lunch.


*****Authors note******

sorry for the short chapters


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