Is this a dream? One Direction love story

Paige Clarno is a 16 year old girl, almost 17. She's been through a lot, more than most people have in their life. Her parents abandoned her when she was 10, but she doesn't like to talk about why. Her caseworker, Ms.Hazel Winston, is evil, and has sent Paige to many mentally unstable foster parents. Paige always managed to escape though. She thinks her life will never be better, that is, until she meets that one special family. Liam Payne's family.


2. The first few hours

 After the food was ready, the kids started filling down the stairs. I went to go shower before One Direction came. Believe it or not, I did know a little bit about them. Once, Ms. Winston actually sent me to a good family. I knew the basics, but not very much. The family couldn't afford me though, so they sent me back. I also had a little make-up from that family. After my shower I brushed my teeth and got dressed. I chose a pair of white shorts, and a yellow and white stripped tank-top. I checked the time. I still had an hour before I need to go get the younger orphans for the assembly. I decided to sneak down to Ms. Winston's room and use her straightener. It was worth it, right? I mean, how many times am I, an orphan, gonna see the hottest boy band in America?

 When I got down there, Ms. Winston wasn't there. Thank goodness. She was probably getting ready for the boys. I ran into her bathroom and found it sitting on the sink. Stupid clown. I smile and straightened my hair. As I finish I moved to unplug the device and the door opens. I freeze as the hags voice fills the room. Was she giggling? I stifled a laugh as I heard what she was talking about "Oh my gosh! I can't believe One Direction is really here! Oh my gosh! Ah!" She calmed herself as I bit my lip to keep from bursting out. "Well," She muttered to herself "I had better go to the bathroom and then go down to the auditorium." Her foot steps filled the room, and they were coming straight towards me. I quickly opened a cupboard door. I've always been really small for my age. Winston walked in just as i closed the door and used the bathroom. I think I threw up a little in my mouth. I'll defiantly be scarred for life now. She left and I checked the time. Crap! I have to get the little kids now!

 I ran down the stairs to their wing. "Okay guys," I said opening the door. "It's time to go down to the auditorium!" A lot of the younger kids grabbed my hands or  my clothes, and one even jumped onto my back. "Hold hands and follow me." I called over my shoulder. Once we got there, the 1D boys were sitting on the stage. I led the group to their seats with only minor injuries, like messed up hair or wrinkled clothes. I fixed my hair and felt someones eyes on my back. I turned around to find Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn staring at me! Ms. Winston was also staring at me suspiciously at me, but who cares when One Direction is staring at you?!? I gave them a small, two fingered salute and turned back to a little girl who was tugging at my shorts. "Who are they?" She asked sweetly. I think her name was Hailey. I squatted down so we were at eye level and explained "They are a group of singers from England and Ireland. They're really good." She nodded and Ms. Winston called for attention. "Everyone take their seats please....Quite! Good, well as a treat for your good behavior recently, I have invited One Direction here!" There was loud applause, and she continued over the noise "They will be preforming a few songs for you and then you will be dismissed for lunch. The boys" she sent a girlish grin over her shoulder at them, and I laughed quietly "will be staying the rest of the day to visit with you. Give it up for One Direction!" She clapped her hands and stepped away from the mic. Harry stepped up and looked at me while talking "Hey guys, we're one direction and we'll be singing a couple of songs for you guys!" He stepped away and they sang Moments, One Thing, WMYB, and Up All Night. We cheered and were dismissed for lunch.

 'Great. Fish sticks' I thought when I got my lunch. I was walking to a table, not really paying attention to where I was going. Being the klutz I am, I of course bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to, I'm so so sorry" I said bending over to pick up the tray of stuff, not even bothering to look up and see who it was. "Its okay" He said bending over and helping me. I looked up and it was Liam Payne. Liam....Payne. 'Oh my gosh' I thought as my eyes widened 'I just spilled food all over Liam Payne!' He just chuckled and finished putting stuff on my tray. "Um, thanks. I'm sorry again" He laughed "Its okay, really. Whats your name?" "I'm Paige." I held ouyt my hand and he took it. "Liam. Do you want to come sit with me? I think the rest of the boys are still in line for food." "Sure, I would love to" I said standing up. "Okay then, follow me." He said taking my tray and throwing it away. We walked over and sat down. We  chatted and laughed a lot. We were really hitting it off. Not in that way, but like brother and sister. Wow, that was a  feeling that I haden't felt for a long time. I looked up as the rest of the boys plopped down on the bench's around us. "And who is this lovely lady?" Louis asked eyeing me. "This is Paige and she's only 16 so back off" Liam said protectively. Wow, he really was just like my big brother. I like that feeling. "Hey! I'll be 17 in a week!" They laughed. I felt eyes staring at me and i looked over, straight into Niall's big blue eyes. I held his stare for about five seconds, then looked down, blushing. "Well Paige I am Louis, and I am the best" I looked over at him raising my eye brows. They all laughed "And this is Harry , who is mine, so don't even try" He continued, pausing for a second to hug Harry "And that's Zayn, and Niall."  We continued talking and laughing until they had to go. The boys all gave me hugs, and Liam kissed the top of my head. "I hope we see you again soon Piglet" Piglet. Thats my nickname they started using for me, cuz of my size, and the fact that I blushed a lot. I snorted "Yeah, like that will happen," they rolled their eyes and left. "Bye!" I said

 That night I lie in bed and thought about them. I loved them all, but everytime I thought about Niall, I got butterflies in my stomache. This can't be happening.. I have trained myself for 6 years to never get close to someone, and he tore down my walls in less than a day! Wow, I really hope I see them again...


Hope you guys like it! This is my first fan-fiction, so don't judge to harshly!! ♥ u guys!!  I'm scared no ones gonna like it... so comment please!

/Paige the potato 

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