Is this a dream? One Direction love story

Paige Clarno is a 16 year old girl, almost 17. She's been through a lot, more than most people have in their life. Her parents abandoned her when she was 10, but she doesn't like to talk about why. Her caseworker, Ms.Hazel Winston, is evil, and has sent Paige to many mentally unstable foster parents. Paige always managed to escape though. She thinks her life will never be better, that is, until she meets that one special family. Liam Payne's family.


1. The beginning

 "Paige! Get up" I hear as Ms. Winston shakes me, not so gently. I sigh as my eyes flutter open. "You are to report down to the kitchen in ten minutes." She smirked at the tired look on my face and strode away. I got up yawning and went into the bathroom that all the orphans shared. Yeah, I'm an orphan. I don't like to talk about it.

  I grab the brush and start combing through the brown rats nest that is my hair. I have super thick, wavy, dark brown hair that goes down to just under my shoulders. After it looked half decent, I had to get down to the kitchen. Because I was one of the oldest orphans, Ms. Hazel Winston made me get up and make breakfast for the rest. It might also having something with me running away from my last foster parents. But can you blame me? They were amateur knife throwers, and they loved using me for a new target. You might think I'm stupid for coming back here, but where else can I get free food and a place to sleep?

 "Morning Paige" Rhiannon smiled. Rhiannon is the main cook here, and we have become really good friends.  She always slips me extra food. "Morning. So whats on the menu this morning?" I say jumping up onto the counter top. "Eggs and pancakes." I hop down and go over to the ancient refrigerator, pulling out ingredients. Rhi started making the eggs and I started measuring flour out and into a bowl.

  "Paige!" Ms. Winston screeched coming down the stairs. "Here comes the devil" I mutter under my breath. Rhiannon smiled and kept her head down. She came and stood right in front of me. "Yes?" I said, putting on my sweetest smile. It's making her mad, but I really couldn't care less. "We will be having very special guests at 11:00. I want you to make sure that all the 5-8 year olds get into the auditorium ten minutes early. Do you hear me?" "Yes ma'am. Who are these 'guests'?" "Well if you must know, One Direction is coming." "Aren't they that British boy band?" I wondered aloud as Ms. Winston walked away. "Yeah" Rhi said. Well, this should be interesting...


Ok so I hope you guys like it! This is a story I wrote awhile ago, and it is also up on Wattpad. I know this sucks but keep reading on, my writing skills improve immensely as the story goes on!! So if you comment on this chapter with what you thought of it, I'll write you a imagine. Thanks for reading!!

Love you guys!

<3/Paige the potato 


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