Tough Love

April Parker's life is a mess... Then she meets a boy, and he helps her through life. Will she learn how to love again? Or will the one person she starts to love leave? April doesn't want to take chances. She doesn't want to be left behind again... Will she make thing better? Or end up pushing him away?


19. Epilogue

A picnic beside the pond in the moonlight. Lights floating in the water and hanging in the weeping willow trees. My cozy blanket for us to relax on. A nice bottle of wine to enjoy along with the sceenery and atmosphere. Soft music playing. It made me smile to think he did so much work just to impress me. Wind blows silently while we look at the sunset. He looks at me, I look back. He grasped my hand and pulled me in closer. I stared deep into his eyes, suddenly seeing a future I really wanted. 

He leaned closer and whispered "I love you." then he kissed me meaning it with every second that passed. We kissed until I had to pull away for a breath. He chuckled a bit and, cradled me into his chest. 

"Hey, look." He said pointing to something behind me. I turned around staring into the night sky, there was nothing but stars, I turned back to him with a confused face. I looked down to see him holding a box, he flipped it open. It was absolutely breathtaking. A diamond ring shimmered in the moonlight. "Will you marry me?" He asked smiling, his eyes glittered like the ring.

A smile crept across my face. I buried my face in to his chest. I was so surprised. I had no idea. I couldn't speak as I quietly mouth the word "Yes". Harry slipped the ring on my engagement finger and it fitted perfectly. I'm getting married! Words couldn't describe the emotions I felt that night.

~Five Years Later~ 
Harry and I lived together for 3 years now. I was so nervous about telling Harry the big news. I was still getting used to the idea and now I had to say it out loud. Show Harry the ultrasound picture of our child that is growing inside me. Just the thought that I am pregnant makes me shiver. I'm not surprised either, we did try couple of weeks ago. He kept bugging me about it until finally I gave in. I just couldn't say no to that head of curly brown hair, and those lips that kiss me so gently every night before bed.

As soon as I walk in I see Harry making his way to the kitchen but he stops as soon as he sees me. I know why there is shock on his face, my face is red and blotchy from crying while a few stray tears escape my eyes as they travel down my hot cheek.

"April what's wrong?" He says as he runs towards me and places his hands on either side of my face. 

"We need to talk," I say all too sternly as I lead him to the couch.

"Is everything ok?" He asks confused.

"It depends," I say as I sit down on the couch. He reluctantly sits also. "I have been puking a lot lately and I have headaches and I'm tired all the time.." I say mumbling while looking down at my hands.

"Is something wrong with you?" He urgently asks.

"...I'm pregnant," I said as I look up into his eyes which are wide with shock and something else I couldn't figure out. 

"Harry…" I mumble, hoping that he isn’t mad, "please say something." He blinks. 

"Oh my god..." he says, shaking his head. He sinks into the couch and runs his fingers through his hair. I gulp. "Are you serious?" He asks, before I can even answer his hands are on my stomach. "Hi there little baby I'm gonna be your daddy," He says and I can't help but laugh. 

"You want to see a picture?" I ask. 

"Of course!" He says as I take the photo out of my pocket and hold it out to him. As soon as he lays eyes on the small shape he begins to cry happy tears. "We're gonna have a baby!" He says as he crushes his lips on mine in a passionate kiss.

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