Tough Love

April Parker's life is a mess... Then she meets a boy, and he helps her through life. Will she learn how to love again? Or will the one person she starts to love leave? April doesn't want to take chances. She doesn't want to be left behind again... Will she make thing better? Or end up pushing him away?


13. Chapter thirteen: News

It's been 4 months since harry and I had made up. It took a while to get over the awkwardness and gain back our trust, but eventually we forgave each other and went back to the way we used to be. It didn't take long until I finally decided that I couldn't stay away from him any longer and we started dating. I fell for him and I mean I fell hard. He was my everything, my reason for living, my reason to breathe. He was the first person I thought of when I woke up in the morning and the last person I thought of before I fell asleep. Maybe it was because he was always sleeping next to me. Neither of us deny our attraction to each other, but neither of us has tried going farther than the occasional kiss. 

Also, I joined Harry on a visit to Gemma's place, me and Gemma had really hit it off! Making jokes, telling stories, almost like best friends. She was very funny and definitely lots of fun. She treated me like I was already part of the family. I'd been a bit nervous about meeting his sister, but it seems like I worried for nothing. 

Everything was going great except school. Adam went back to his ex-girlfriend and pretended our entire relationship had never happened. The time I spent with him, the kissing and the continuous flirting. Everything gone. In fact, it was as if he and girlfriend of had never even broken up. I never felt so stupid before in my life! Harry was right about him, he's a dick. But I couldn't be more happy. 

Today Harry wanted to surprise me by taking me to the fair. It was amazing up until we got to the ferris wheel. "Harry, no!" I shriek, not entirely happy as he pulls me towards the line. The ferris wheel that the town had rented for their annual fair was absolutely huge, and I hate heights. But Harry, having been my best friend and boyfriend for a little over a month, had decided he wanted nothing more than to get me to ride it with him. I had hung out with him and Jade most of the day, but the time had come where we had decided to branch out on our own for alone. Naturally, Harry had decided to go to the one place I hated first.

"Babe, come on." He half whined, gripping my hand tightly as the line shortened rapidly. "It's not that bad. Look, it's so pretty all lit up in the dark." I really didn't want to go on, but I didn't want to disappoint Harry either, since I know this trip means a lot to him. 

"I hate you," I ground my teeth together as the operator ushered us into a wobbly cabin, where we were strapped in tightly. "I really hate you." 

"It's not that bad." He grabbed my hand, giving me a little half smile. I bit my lip, eyeing him. 

"I think I know what might possibly distract me..." He places his arm around me and pulls me in for a kiss. 

"Kissing at the top of the Ferris wheel, romantic." he smiles, pushing a strand of hair out of my face. I smile and kiss him again. 

"Very romantic," I say, looking at the lights and people below with admiration of the view, rather than fear.

After we got off the ferris wheel my phone was buzzing in my pocket like crazy. It was my mum, I had six missed calls from her. She called me again, "Hello?" 

"Harry? You have to come home. Come home right now." 

"Mum, what are you talking about? What's wrong?" 

"Go home and turn on the tv!" 
She hung up, leaving me completely confused. 

"Is everything okay?" April asked concerned. 

"Umm, I'm not sure. But we have to go, come on." 


When we got home, I rushed to the front door and opened it. I turned on the tv like my mom asked and stared in shock. It was the news.

"April Parker has now been missing for over 6 months." The reporter says dully. "Her current guardian Paul Roberts has been looking for her constantly and is very worried. If you have any idea where she is please call the number below."

April huffed as she sat on the couch. "This can't be happening!" She screamed out angrily. She groaned and quickly turned off the tv, resting her head in her arms. 

"I knew he was going to find me," I muttered. Harry hovered over me. 

"April it's going to be okay." he spoke softly as he kneeled next to me. 

"What if it's not? What if he takes me away from you? I can't go back to him, I can't." I started to panic, tears welling up in my eyes. 

"April, please don't cry. I hate when you cry." Harry said wiping the tears from my face. "Listen to me," he looked me straight in the eyes, "I won't let that happen." I nodded and he pulled me into a hug and held me there. 

"I don't want you to get hurt because of me." 

"I won't," He replied. "I promise." 

I talked and cried in his arms all night until I fell asleep. Harry gently woke me up a bit and put his arm around my waist, putting mine around his shoulder and helped me up. He helped me walk to bed, supporting most of my weight. He gently laid me down and put a pillow under my arm. 

I couldn't stop thinking about Paul. I tossed and turned in my sleep, whimpering as faded, dark images haunted my dreams. My hair was damp to my forehead with sweat, and I couldn’t hold still. He's going to come for me. Take me away from Harry. Ruin my life forever. 

"No!" I screamed, wrenching upright in bed. Sweat matted down my hair to my forehead. I looked at the clock and it was 5 am. I sighed and turned on the lamp next to me. When will I stop being afraid of Paul? There's not a moment in life when I don't worry about him finding me. I didn't even realize I was crying until a tear hit my hand and it instantly felt cold. Why can't I have a normal life? Why me? Why'd you leave me mom? More tears fell down my cheeks as I bawled loudly. 

My door opened slowly and Harry walked in still groggy. "Are you okay, love?" When I heard Harry's voice my heart rate slowed. I shook my head, wiping tears from my face. He walked over to my bed side and sat down. I took his arm and wrapped it around my waist. I buried my head into his shoulder and he moved me to sit on his lap. 

"Harry.." I murmured. 


"What if Paul comes for me?" I looked up at him, "What if I never see you again?" 

Harry stroked my head, "I won't let him take you away. He's not going to hurt you again." 

"If he takes me away, what would you do?" I wanted to hear his answer so that I could feel assured. 

Harry then gave a cocky grin, "I think you and I know the answer to that. If he takes you away, I'll come for you, even if it takes me a while, I won't stop until I get you back." He then looked deeply into my eyes and laid his lips on mine. We began to kiss softly at first but then deeply. He clutched me closely, "April-" he began. 

"I love you." I finished for him. He pulled me close to his chest, enclosing me completely in his arms. I eventually fell back into a restless slumber while Harry kept watch over me, occasionally playing with my hair. He continued to hold onto me and kept me in his close, loving grasp.

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