Tough Love

April Parker's life is a mess... Then she meets a boy, and he helps her through life. Will she learn how to love again? Or will the one person she starts to love leave? April doesn't want to take chances. She doesn't want to be left behind again... Will she make thing better? Or end up pushing him away?


14. Chapter fourteen: He found me

Mid-morning light filtered in through the slots of my bedroom window blinds. My lashes brush across Harry's hot chest as I open my eyes. Every part of us is tangled together. His legs are in between mine, his arms are wrapped around my waist, and his head rests softly on the top of mine. I take a moment to try and figure out if Harry's awake or not. His breathing is slow but uneven, he's awake. I shift my head up and look into his clear green eyes, he's staring down at me lovingly with a content smile on his lips, "Good morning, gorgeous." His groggy voice tells me he's only been awake for a couple minutes. 

I smile back at him, "Good morning." I lean up to kiss his cheek and he kisses me back. 

I sighed and pulled away from him, delicately gripping his hand before letting it fall to the bedsheets. "I’ll be right back," I promised, seeing his deep frown as I tumbled off of the bed. I fumbled my way into the bathroom, hands searching the walls for the light switch. I looked at myself in the mirror, smiling as my sleep-rumpled hair stood on edge. I tried as best I could to smooth it out with my fingers. I had still been wearing the same clothes as I was yesterday. I slipped off the shirt I was wearing leaving a tank top I had underneath and slipped on a pair of shorts. Satisfied, I left the small room and walked slowly back to Harry. I was surprised to see him sitting up, licking his lips subconsciously as I swayed up to him. "What?" I asked. He lifted one eyebrow. 

"You have ten seconds to get back in this bed before I get out of it and carry you here myself." I stifled a giggle and ran to the mattress, pouncing onto him before he got the chance to start counting.

"Can we just lay here for the rest of the day?" I couldn't even begin to motivate myself to get up. 

"Your the boss," he laughed. I heard a loud knocking at the front door but didn't want to get up I was so comfortable where I was. 

"Ugh... door," I complain my eyes still closed. 

"My mum will get it." The knocking stopped once Anne had answered the door and this was followed by hushed murmuring. I instantly recognized Paul's voice and sat up swiftly. I froze. 

"April, what’s wrong?" Harry says noticing I'm not moving. I stared straight ahead, to shocked to move. 

“It's Paul. He's here, he found me." I say starting to panic. By the scared look on my face he knew exactly who I was talking about. My head was spinning I didn't know what to do. 

"Stay here." Harry says sternly as he went downstairs. I didn't want him to leave and go to Paul by himself. I snuck downstairs so I couldn't see anything but heard it all. 

"Mum! What did you do to her?!" Harry yelled at Paul. I peaked around the corner to see Anne passed out on the floor. 

"Where's April!?" Paul barked. 

"I don't know who you're talking about." Harry answered through gritted teeth. 

"Are you her boyfriend or something? I knew my daughter was a slut but the fact that she left me to fool around with a tool like you. Now that I can't believe." That's it I couldn't take this any longer. 

"Don't talk to him like that." I demanded coming out from hiding. 

"April, go upstairs." Harry said his voice shaking. We were both scared out of our minds. 

"Well, well, well. Here's the slut herself." He said walking towards me. 

"You have no right to call me your daughter. You're not my father!" He laughed. 

"Yes I am. I'm all you've got. I married your mother didn't I?" 

"My mother was going to divorce you until she died in that car accident." He rolled his eyes. 

"You actually believed that?" He smirked, "You're the stupidest girl I know." 

"What do you mean?" My fists were clenched. 

"She was going to divorce me, I know. That's why I killed her." 

I couldn't breathe. Time seems to move in slow motion as tears well up in my eyes. I stood there for a second, letting everything he said sink in. I held a hand up to my mouth as my throat swelled with emotion. I was on the verge of tears. "You killed her? You killed my mother?" I asked.

"I can not believe you! You're such an asshole! I hate you!" I screamed every cuss word in the book at him. I started hitting him as hard as I could until he grabbed both my wrists. 

"I thought we talked about calling me shit like that." 

"You're crazy if you think I'm going to respect you after what you just told me." I hissed at him. 

"GET OFF OF HER!" Harry grabs Paul from behind not hesitating to punch him in the jaw. Paul quickly regains his balance and knees Harry in the stomach. While Harry's down, Paul comes behind him and presses cloth up to his mouth and nose while he tries desperately to get out of his grip. "Mmmph!" His yell was muffled by the hand that was pressing the rag over his face. Harry's eyes dropped as he slipped into the darkness. Paul smirked when he felt Harry's body go limp. No, no, no! This can't be happening. Not now. Paul drops an unconscious Harry to the floor, along side his mom. I know I should be running but I can't leave Harry. Not like this. 

"Harry wake up! Please!" I plead, tears pricking my eyes. I'm grabbed and I struggle but I know I'm too weak. Paul holds cloth roughly over my face. I get weak, my struggling slows to a stop and I pass out.

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