Tough Love

April Parker's life is a mess... Then she meets a boy, and he helps her through life. Will she learn how to love again? Or will the one person she starts to love leave? April doesn't want to take chances. She doesn't want to be left behind again... Will she make thing better? Or end up pushing him away?


18. Chapter eighteen: Close call

I came into the hospital early the next morning. Today was the day the nurse told me the results. I prayed for April to be okay. It wasn't her time yet, she had so much to live for. I couldn't forgive myself if she died. I sat in the waiting room, worried out of my mind. I kept shaking my leg and held my head in my hands, all of this was very nerve racking. I couldn't wait any longer. 

"Mr. Styles?" My head shot up to look at the nurse hovering above me, I stared at her with hopeful eyes. 

"I have the results of your tests." Nurse opened and envelope and read it. I tensed, waiting for her to speak up. "There is only one match." My eyes widened with a new-found sensation, relief. No matter who the match was, April would be okay. 

"Well, who is it?" I exclaimed anxiously. 

"Jade West," she read. She gave me a warm and I breathed out in relief. 

"Thank goodness," I smiled. I stood up, towering over the nurse. I walked to April's room as I dialed Jade's number. 

She answered right away, "What's wrong!?" 

"Nothing. The doctor said she's going to be okay. Your blood matched!" 

"Ohh my god. That's great! I'll be there in 10 minutes." 

"Okay. Bye." 

"Bye," I hung up and opened the door to Aprils room. I blinked back tears when I saw her laying there barely conscious. 

"Harry," She smiled as much as she could. 

"How are you feeling babe?" I asked as I kissed her. 

"Pain killers have numbed the pain. Now I’m just tired." Her voice was just a whisper. I pulled up a chair right to bedside her and took her hand. "Please don’t look at me like that." She told me. 

"Like what?" I asked confused. 

"Like your about to cry. I don’t want to think about what's happening." A tear trickled down her face. 

"You'll be fine I promise, just hold on a little longer." My thumb wiped away her tear and I changed the topic. We talked about tons of different things. I tried to keep her talking so she'd stay awake, but soon she started to doze off. Her breathing became shorter, her body became weaker and colder. "April. Love. Wake up." I said shaking her. No. Please don’t die on me. "APRIL! ANSWER ME!" I yelled. Nothing. "April! YOU CAN’T DIE! APRIL PLEASE!” I begged crying harder then ever. The beeping coming from the machine got slower and slower. Flatline. Alarms and buzzers were going off everywhere. 

"Help! Help!" I screamed out the door. "Come on, April. Pull through, baby. Come on!" I squeezed her hands. Several nurses ran in to the room, the doctor soon followed. I just stood there staring intently, too shocked to tear my eyes away from her limp, lifeless body. I watched the nurses charge up the shock plates and place them over her fragile heart. I had no idea what they were doing but they had out all sorts of tools and were yelling out all sorts of terms I didn’t understand. The nurses took me out of the room. "April please." I whimpered but knew it was no good use. Tears streamed down my face as I watched them frantically role the bed away. 

"We’re going to do everything we can to save her." A doctor stopped to tell me before running after the rest. 

No... No... No... Heart pounding, throat thickening, absolutely can't swallow. I had a lump in my throat and my voice quivered, "She can't be dead.." I said to myself. Please tell me this isn't happening! I screamed in my head, somebody wake me up from this horrible dream!! All I could feel was scared rage, the feeling of complete hopelessness converted into tears that rain down my face. There is a strong sadness and emptiness feeling in my chest. "Damn it!" I cursed. It isn't fair! What am I supposed to tell Jade? How am I supposed to tell her that her best friend is gone. I promised April she'd be okay... I made a lot of promises I couldn't keep. 

I was in the hospital's waiting room for what felt like forever. All the family's in the room had someone within them who was sick or possibly in a serious state of health. Everyone in here is probably feeling the exact same way I am. 

Once Jade arrived at the hospital she quickly made her way up to me. "Hey! Where's April I want to see her," she smiled. I didn't return her smile. A frown crossed her face. "What? What is it?" I kept silent, my eyes started to water again. "What happened? Did something... Did something happen to April?" I shook my head, I honestly didn't know if she was alive or not. We both stayed silent for a very long time. I couldn't take it anymore, I broke down again. 

"She died in front of me Jade..." I looked up at her with tears in my eyes. "There was nothing I could do to help her." I hid my face. The shame and the grief took hold of me and wasn't going to let go. Jade didn't say anything, she just hugged me tightly. I heard her crying next to me, sniffling, as she buried her face in my shoulder. 

(2 days later) 


I opened my eyes and surprisingly I wasn't dead. I smiled. I was a little groggy and my memory was fuzzy, but I wasn't dead! Harry saw me open my eyes and couldn’t do anything but let out a giant shaky, teary sigh as he yanked his arm out of the nurses and ran into my room. I let out a few tears as Harry rushed to my side. Words couldn't even describe how grateful I am. I was so close to dying.. But god chose to save me. Almost a year ago I wouldn't have cared if I died. I had nothing to live for... No one that loved me. Now I actually have family and friends that care for me and that's the best feeling in the world. "April, can you hear me?" he asked, shaking a little, taking my hand in his. 

"Yea, loud and clear," I whispered back. I felt Harry's grip on my hand tighten as he let out a sigh, of relief and happiness. 

"You nearly left me," Harry cried, kissing the back of my hand slowly. 

"Did I?" I asked, confused. I saw how much Harry was shaken and I decided to go along with what he said. "Don’t worry, I won’t be leaving you for a long time," I assured him, wiping his tears away from his cheeks gently. 

"Thank God," he said quietly. Seeing Harry was the best sight in the world, and the news that I was going to be okay was even better. Harry explained how I died for a minute, but the doctors quickly got my heart to start pumping again. They rushed me into immediate surgery to do the transfusion. I made sure to thank Jade, I owe her everything she saved my life. The doctor said I can go home today as long as someone can stay with me to make sure I don't have any complications. But I'm pretty no one is going to let me out of their sight after this. 

"Just keep her safe at home, make sure that she’s always warm, and that she has a lot of love," the doctor advised. 

"Take notes, Haz," I smiled, and Harry kissed me on the cheek. 

"I love you so much," he whispered afterwards.


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