Sometimes I Think Back To You

Liza has been through a lot. She's been trying to forget her past ever since she escaped it. But she can't seem to let go, that is until one fateful day. Liza meets a guy named Zayne and everything feels right for once. Zayne becomes her protection and her whole life, though he doesn't even know what he's protecting her from. Will Liza be ok? Will Zayne hear her horror of a past?


10. Will Things Be Alright?

Zayn and Louis woke up this morning. Zayn still wanting to kill himself for letting Liza get hurt and Louis begging to go rescue her. Even the doctors could tell that they really loved Liza and decided to let them go, if only for a few hours. Zayn snuck in through her window and had to watch in horror as Liza's stepfather raped her. Zayn couldn't even stop him, I think it hurt him to watch to realize that this is what Liza has had to live with. Louis came too, but decided it was safer for Liza if they waited to rescue her until Ted left the room. 


(Zayn's POV) Liza was crying on her bed as I walked in. She looked up, dried her tears and pasted a smile on her face. "Zayn, what are you doing here?" "Baby.... I saw... I know what's been... Going on..." I said carefully. The smile fell from her lips and she cried while she ran into my arms. I held her for as long as I could, wanting to make her forget everything that's gone on in her life. Wanting to live in that moment forever. But I couldn't do that. I had to get her out. Louis and I lifted her out of the window onto the ground and carried her into the car. Louis drove and I held Liza in the back seat, singing to her and holding her until she was ok again. 


(Louis's POV) We brought Liza back to our flat and had our security guards stand outside. We can't risk her getting hurt again. Zayn is moving into Liza's room, sleeping on a mat on the floor. She says she won't mind if he sleeps in her bed but he won't do that. Secretly that makes me glad. Zayn is like a brother to me, but he's also a heartbreaker, and Liza's heart can't handle another break. I'm certainly worried about Liza's future but I suppose It's best to live in the present. 


(Liza's POV) I can't stop being scared. Zayn has been staying in my room and that comforts me. But so much has happened. I just can't stop being cautious, and anxious. Things are getting slightly better. But can any good thing last? 

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