Sometimes I Think Back To You

Liza has been through a lot. She's been trying to forget her past ever since she escaped it. But she can't seem to let go, that is until one fateful day. Liza meets a guy named Zayne and everything feels right for once. Zayne becomes her protection and her whole life, though he doesn't even know what he's protecting her from. Will Liza be ok? Will Zayne hear her horror of a past?


13. The Proposal (Liza's POV)

He got out to the car and I was surprised to see a blindfold on my seat. "Zayn?" "Don't worry about it, I'd never hurt you, just trust me darling" I was slightly nervous but I knew Zayn and I knew he cared about me, he'd never hurt me. We drove for what felt like hours though it couldn;t have been more than 30 minutes. I was excited and nervous at the same time. When the car stopped ZAyn helped me out and led on to what surprised me to be a plane. I'd never flown before and Zayn could tell I was nervous. "It's alright baby, your alright" He said whilst pulling me to sit on his lap. We sat like that for the entire plane ride. Holding each other as though that was the only thing that would keep us alive. 


The plane landed, making my stomach flip inside my nervous, shaking body. We got there fast it seemed but as I walked out, I found myself greeted by Pars. The one place I told Zayn I wanted to visit sometime in my life, and he brought me here. My entire face light up as we walked into the tiniest cafe. He knew that that this was the exact kind of place that  I would come to over and over again and never get tired of it. he knew I loved familarity. He knew I loved places like this, and that fact made me love him even more. We laughed over French menus and sampled different foods until we couldn't eat any more. I went to the restroom and when I came back, Zayn was on one knee. I looked at him curouisly, and he told me to stand in front of him. 


"Liza, my beautiful darling, will you marry me?" He said, tears gathering in each of our eyes. "Oh Zayn! Yes, I most certaintly marry you" I replied laughing and crying at the same time. I could tell he was nervous and I thought it was incredibly sweet. He put the ring on my finger and held me for as long as he could before we started getting weird looks from the restuarant employees. I could have stared in hos forever and lived in that moment until I died. Because it was the best moment in my entire life. Funny how all my favorite memories from my entire life include Zayn, i would never stop loving him. 



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