Sometimes I Think Back To You

Liza has been through a lot. She's been trying to forget her past ever since she escaped it. But she can't seem to let go, that is until one fateful day. Liza meets a guy named Zayne and everything feels right for once. Zayne becomes her protection and her whole life, though he doesn't even know what he's protecting her from. Will Liza be ok? Will Zayne hear her horror of a past?


9. Ted (Liza's POV)

I couldn't beleive that he found me. I didn't want to believe that he found me. When he first got me home he beat me worse than ever before. Leaving no feeling in my body because of all the pain. I knew he was drunk, he only whispered when he was drunk, most of the time he yelled nasty things, but when he was drunk he whispered them. he only threw bottles when he was drunk too, and I got plenty of those thrown at me. Every vase, tv, bottle, or really any breakable object in the house was thrown at me. He claimed he had to make up for lost time. I fought against tears as old pictures of happy times and my mother's old jewlery was thrown at me. 


What hurt was that I still had the memories of when we were a happy family. I was used to the beating and the raping, and one night he threw me against a wall but none of that compared even remotely to the old memories. The memories I had were overwhelming in that house. Being locked in my room was torture, even worse because Zayn and Louis were still in my mind. I'd like to think that they are coming for me, but are they even alive? Do they care enough to risk their lives again? Do I even want them to? 

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