Sometimes I Think Back To You

Liza has been through a lot. She's been trying to forget her past ever since she escaped it. But she can't seem to let go, that is until one fateful day. Liza meets a guy named Zayne and everything feels right for once. Zayne becomes her protection and her whole life, though he doesn't even know what he's protecting her from. Will Liza be ok? Will Zayne hear her horror of a past?


4. New Idea's And New Experiances (Liza's POV)

Things were getting better. The boys made my life everything I'd always wanted it to be. But I had to make my life normal. Well, as normal as it can be when your a 17 year old girl living with 4 famous boys. I decided that I needed a job. "Louis, I need a job, I need for my life to be normal. I love living with you guys but there is nothing here to take my mind off of well, everything." Nial smirked when i said this and looked at Zayn, I could feel my cheeks turning bright red. Louis asked Zayn to take me job hunting tomorrow, completely oblivious to the awkwardness in the room. I couldn't help but be excited about my job hunting. I mean< a whole day with Zayn?!? Wait. No. I can't like him. It's too soon after what my stepfather did. What if Zayn and I dated? What if he didn't respect how scared I was after what my stepfather did? No, it wouldn't work out. 


Job hunting today! "Get in the car, love. We'll try about 5 jobs today, but if you get overwhelmed. Or see someone who even looks remotely like your step father, I'm taking you home,alright?" Zayn really had a way to make me feel safe, I liked that. As I stepped into the car I had a slight smile on my face, because maybe he actually did care. We went to 6 jobs and I ended up getting hired at the same recording studio the boys recorded in. WE didn't know it then, but I would be a somewhat assitant to the boys. 


We were getting the car after a long day job hunting and my favorite song came on the radio. Zayn sang to me and we talked about music the entire ride home. We got stuck in traffic twice, a good thing too, because i realized that I never wanted to stop talking to him, I wanted him to always be there, to hold me while I cry and laugh with me. Maybe he'll like me too someday. As we got the house my stomach was going crazy with nervousness because of what I was I about to do. "Zayn?" "Yeah?" "thank you" I kissed him. I never wanted to stop kissing him, I realized.  And ran into the house afterward. 

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