Sometimes I Think Back To You

Liza has been through a lot. She's been trying to forget her past ever since she escaped it. But she can't seem to let go, that is until one fateful day. Liza meets a guy named Zayne and everything feels right for once. Zayne becomes her protection and her whole life, though he doesn't even know what he's protecting her from. Will Liza be ok? Will Zayne hear her horror of a past?


5. New Feelings (Switch POV Zayn & Liza)

(Zayn's POV)  I'm going to ask her out. The boys are designing Liza's new room, and it's my job to distract her. But I can't say that I don't want it to be a date. Because, gosh, I really like her. When she kissed me yesterday, I never wanted it to stop. I wanted her there forever. But, no. She's Louis's. And I don't want to force her  into anything, it's too soon after what happened with her stepfather. But I at least get this one date. I walked silently into her room, I'd spent the night on the chair beside her bed, these nightmares she kept having scared me, I needed to be there for her. But she didn't need to know that. I walked quietly, my feet only making slight thuds on the carpet. "Liza" I whispered. I didn't want to scare her though. Oh what would she think about me being here?!?


(Liza's POV) Maybe I should have been scared. A guy that your not dating waking you up in the morning? Ok, yeah, I should have been scared. But it felt so right to have him there. It felt so right to wake up next to him. 


(Zayn's POV) "Liza? Will you go out with me this morning?" My heart pounded in my chest. What if she said no?!? What she thought I was some stalker? What if, what if..... 


(Liza's POV) My stomach was going crazy and my heart wasn't exactly calm either. He just asked me out. He just asked me out? He just asked me out!! I paused before answering. "Yes, where are we going?" I finally said with a smile. Zayn breathed a sigh of relief that made me laugh and told me to wear something comfortable but still cute. He promised me I'd like where we were going and to be excited, which made me laugh more. What is up with me? Why am I so nervous? 

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