The Girl I Once Was

Karson was an average girl. She lived an average life. One day she was on her way to work as a dental assistent and witnessed a murder. From that day forward her life changed. Forever. Witness a chilling suspenceful story full of action, emotions, and romance.


2. The Kidnapping

I tried so hard to run and scream but it was no hope. I was locked up in the back of the van and was being driven off to God knows where. The trunk reeked of gasoline and marijuana.  I started having trouble breathing. I ended up passing out. When I woke up I saw atleast 5 men standing above me. I got scared really quickly. Each had about 5 guns on the waist. They pulled me out and drug me into a room. They tied me on a chair. "What did you tell the police?" "Nothing." "Lie. If you didn't tell them anything then why where you there?" "They called me in." "Yeah well you're going to call right now and you're going to tell them it was a dare." "If I do that will you let me go?" "Maybe. Depends how well you pull this off." "Okay. Give me a phone." I dialed my town's police department. It rang 5 times then someone picked up. "New York Police Deparment how may I help you?" "Uhm, I came in earlier today and reported a murder." "Karson Kodak?" "Yes." "What can I do for ya Miss Karson?" "Uhm, I just wanted to say that the murder I reported earlier was a dare. I uhm, I am so sorry I did that. I hope you can forgive me?" "Well, it is some serious stuff so I may have to ask you to come into the office and I may have to book you." "Yes sir. May I stop home first?" "No ma'am. Terribly sorry." "Yes, well I will be on my way then." The man took the phone and hung up. He smiled. "Can you at least drive me to the station?" "I will drop you off a block away." "I don't have to ride in the trunk do I?" "I guess not. You got us out of trouble." The man drove me to the place he said he would and I got out. I started walking and it took me about 15 minutes to walk the rest of the way. When I finally did arrive I walked in and the chief got a relieved look on his face. "Are you okay?" "Uhm, yes?" "We where absolutely worried sick about you." "I thought I was in trouble." "Look Karson, I've known you since you where a kid. I know the murderer had you. I know he told you to say that. I told you to come here so we could get you back. We have police chasing the murderer." "How did you know I was taken?" "Bailey came in and asked if you where still inside. Then when you weren't he got worried." "I guess I need to call him huh?" "No need. He's here. Refused to leave. Fell asleep on the couch." "Oh. Can I go back there?" "Sure." I walked back and saw Bailey laying on the couch. I lightly shook him and he jolted awake. "Is she here?" He looked at me and jumped up. "You waited for me?" He grabbed the back of his neck and blushed. "Yeah." I hugged him. "Can I maybe grab a ride home?" "Sure." We walked out and he drove me home. "Thanks. I will see you tomorrow." I walked down the driveway and through the front door. Bailey must've not told my parents because they where watching t.v. as usual. I went to my bedroom and laid down. My phone rang and I looked to see a message from Bailey.

**Text** From Baileyyyyy(:

Hey. I am picking you up in the morning at 8. Be ready.(:

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