The Girl I Once Was

Karson was an average girl. She lived an average life. One day she was on her way to work as a dental assistent and witnessed a murder. From that day forward her life changed. Forever. Witness a chilling suspenceful story full of action, emotions, and romance.


1. The Beginning

I sat there watching the news. The crime rates in New York where going out of the roof. I was beggining to be afraid to even walk out of my house. My alarm buzzed and I got my scrubs and tennis shoes on. I wrapped my hair in a bun and started for the door. "MOM! DAD! I'M LEAVING!!!" "Wait!' My dad came shuffling down the stairs. "Here. Take this." "What is it?" "Pepper spray." "Oh, thanks Dad." "Are you sure you don't want me to drive you?" "Yeah dad I am fine." I kissed him on the cheek and headed out the door. I walked about a block before I heard a voice. "I told you to have the stuff ready to go by today. So, where is it?" "I almost have it. I just have to meet Johnson to get the last package at 2. I can meet you if you want." "Nope, I want it now, but since you failed to do that..." I saw the man punch the other man then pull a knife out and kill him. Stabbing him a total of 20 times. I let out a screech then stopped quickly when the man looked at me. The man looked at me then began walking slowly toward me. "What do you think you're doing little miss?" "Erm, I was just on my way to work and uhm, I, I dropped my uhm," "I think you need to leave, forever now." I started freaking and backed up and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I was panicing so I ran to work. "Hey Karson, sweetie...what's wrong?" "Can we talk in the back please? It's urgent." "Yeah sweetie. Come on." We walked to the back and I collapsed into the chair. "Mimi, I just witnessed a murder. I think the man is after me know. I am a wreck. I am terrified he is coming to get me. I just ran as fast as I could not looking back." "Honey, let's go we are going to police station." "Can we bring Bailey with us? He is tough. Real tough." "Yes. Of course. BAILEY! COME HERE FOR A MINUTE!!" "Yes ma'am?" "Bailey, you're coming with us." I tried standing up then collapsed again but this time into Bailey's arms. "I will help you." "Thanks." We walked to Mimi's car. I sat there staring out the window 'till the car stopped. I got out and walked slowly to the door. I feel a hand on my shoulder and jump. I hear a soft yet deep voice "It's just me. You are ok. I promise." We walk into the office and the man at the desk looks up and smiles. "Can  I help you?" "Yes I would like to report a murder." "Ok, ma'am can you come with me?" "Yes. He comes with me though." "Yes, that's fine." We followed the officer into a room with a table and mirrors. "Can you explain what happened?" "Well, I was walking to work like any other day, then, I heard a man talking. I turn my head and see two guys standing in an alley. One man was asking if the other man had the package ready. The other man didn't so the man punched the other man then stabbed him 20 times. I kind of screeched then he came towards me. Asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was walking to work and made the excuse of  'I dropped something'. Then he told me I was going to have to leave forever. Then I ran to work." "Well what did he look like?" "He was bald. Maybe mid 30's. Early 40's. Brown moustache. Heavy man." "Ok, do you have a number we can contact you at?" "Yes. Here ya go." I gave him my cell number, work number, and house number. Bailey headed outside to car while I gave him my phone number. When I walked outside I was spun around and  I see the man that I just reported. "Hey sweetie. Let's go for a walk shall we?"

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