A Stolen Apple

When Ginevra Weasley steals Sirius' apple it ends up with her being chased around the house by a hungry Sirius.

'What are you thinking?' Ginny whispered
'You'd hate me'
'Try me'

And whatever are they going to do with the three hours they have alone together?


1. One shot

Sirius and Ginny laughed as they fell onto Sirius' bed at 12 Grimhauled Place. There faces were inches away from each other, with Sirius on top of her.
'What are you thinking?' Ginny whispered
'You'd hate me'
'Try me'
'I was just thinking about your lips.'
'What about them?'
'They're pink, and full, and look incredibly soft.'
She kissed him softly and sweetly
'And are incredibly soft' Sirius confirmed.
'What are you thinking about now?' Ginny whispered once more
'You'd hate me for thinking about you like that.'
'Sirius, I could never hate you.'
'What are you thinking?' Sirius asked Ginny
'When does everyone else get back?' she asked
'about three hours, why?'
'You'd hate me for thinking such dirty thoughts about you.' Sirius raised an eyebrow
'Try me'

'I think I was supposed to give this to you.' Ginny whispered, when the others were supposed to come back, as she placed the half eaten, stolen apple on the bed and left.

Sirius looked down at the apple. If Ginny hadn't taken it from him, nothing would have happened. 
'Thank-you' Sirius murmured to the apple, and tossed it into the bin without another thought.

'Sirius!' came a voice from downstairs,
'Harry,' he replied, wondering what the Weasley's, Harry and Hermione would have thought if they knew that Ginny had just given her virginity to him, Sirius Black. 

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