Goodbyes Aren't Forever


7. Chapter 6

-chapter 6-

Harry POV

I got back home from the mall and I was in the most joyful mood ever. Why? Because I saw Madison there and I finally talked to her! Yes, I know I haven't talked to anyone since my parents death, but I felt completely comfortable around her and I just felt like it was normal to be around her. As I pulled up into the driveway, I saw a black mustang on the curb in front of the house- Robert is home. Robert is my twin brother. We're the same, but then we're not. I'm considered as the nice, careful, non-flirtatious one and he's the "cool guy" and wild one. He has a ton of tattoos- well I do too. He has the half-sleeve tattoo set on both arms and spread out over his body and he has a few body piercings and then I have just a couple small tattoos scattered everywhere.
Our parents died and we didn't have anywhere to go, so we took care of each other and lived in the same house from the beginning. Of course we had a little help and support from our neighbors.
  Robert wasn't always this way. Him and I were always nice and we were really good kids before my parents died. But Robert has changed ever since, I guess because of the freedom to do things without being held back by rules and just by the jerks he hangs out with. He drinks and he's constantly with a different girl each week. He obviously doesn't know how to treat a lady nice and right.
  I parked my car into the garage and I walked in, throwing my keys and backpack on the counter and walked over to the fridge, getting a bottle of water out. "Hey Rob, I'm home!" I yelled out as I walked into the living room where I saw a limp body on the couch with trash surrounding the couch. "Robert! Is this what you've been doing all day since you got back from school?!" He looked up from the tv and looked at my face. "Mhm," he breathed out and looked back at the flashing screen.  I face palmed and looked at him again. "Robert, you need to clean up after yourself! You're fricking 19 years old and you're still living like a slob! Get up and start cleaning!" "You can't make me. I'm the boss around here," Robert said. "No, we are supposed to take care of each other! I'm trying to help you by telling you to clean up after yourself so we can stay clean!" I said, starting to get upset and raising my voice. He just sat there, watching tv. "What an ass," I said under my breath as I started picking up the trash. "What did you just say?" Robert asked, sitting up. "N-nothing." I starting to get scared because he has hit me before when he was drunk. I was bending down, picking up the bag of chips and he picked me up by the shirt. "If you say that one more time, you know what's coming," he said as he was grinding his teeth down. He put me down and said, "You better not if you know what's best for you," and he walked up to his room. You know, I shouldn't really be afraid of him. He's not any bigger than I am anyways. He's just a little frightening when he's drunk, that's all. I shrugged the fear off and finished cleaning up the living room and started on my homework.

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