Goodbyes Aren't Forever


6. chapter 5


-Chapter 5-


   Harry?! I thought to myself. Oh my gosh it's Harry! I don't know why I'm "fangirling" over some guy from school I've never met. It's weird! I saw him walking towards my! It can't be my table! Maybe it's the one behind me with a girl sitting there playing with her phone. He got closer and closer and I was more and more uncomfortable, yet excited. He was a handsome lad. He has brown curls that bounce when he walks, he has emerald green eyes, and he has the perfect smile. He was wearing a white tee shirt with dark skinny jeans and white converse. He got to my table and he said, " 'Ello! I saw you at school today and I didn't get to properly introduce myself. I'm Harry Styles!" He stuck his hand out and I gently shook it. I was just in a trance fe his looks and his accent when I got back to my senses and said, "Ah hello! Have a seat! I'm Madison Clark by the way." "Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl," he said, smirking. I instantly turned red and I can feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment. "Thanks! Harry- A handsome name for a handsome guy," I said, winking. He laughed and we just started a conversation about school and our lives. When we saw Erika coming over to the table after 10 minutes of our enjoyable chat, he said, "Give me your phone." I felt confused and gave him a strange look. "Give me your phone Maddie," he said once more. I handed him my phone and he put his number in it like this: "Hazza😉" and he handed it back. I asked him for his phone and he handed it to me. I rapidly put my number into his like this: "Maddie💋" and gave it back. He smiled after he read it and we said our goodbyes. Erika came back with a shocked look on her face while holding our drinks. "Holy shit! Did Harry Styles really just talked to you?!" She set my drink down and she sat down where Harry was sitting. I laughed, saying, "Yeah! Trust me, I didn't expect it either. I would probably think he has girls on his arm all the time." "I would think that too, but what really shocks me is that he TALKED to you!" she said. "Why?" "Because, silly, he never talks to anyone except for the people he's comfortable around! He doesn't even talk to his "friends" at school!" she said, still surprised. I sat there thinking, what makes me so special? There's nothing about me that is attractive or appealing to guys. As I was thinking, I got a text from Louis. Boobear:0) - 'U THERE??' Me - 'yeah, sorry. I was talking to...a new friend:)' Boobear:0) - 'aha. What's her name eh?:)' Me - 'its actually a him. His name is Harry:)'                                                      Louis' P.O.V.   Maddie<3 - 'it's actually a him. His name is Harry:)' I instantly felt jealous. I don't know why! I never really like liked her! It's just hearing her talking about another guy makes me feel like she's mine and only mine. I get jealous because other guys talk to her. I texted her back with some kind of feeling of jealousy and hurting mixed. Me - 'cool! Anything special between u 2;) ;)'                                                     Madison's P.O.V.      I started sipping on my Starbucks drink after a replied to Louis' text. He hasn't replied in ten minutes. I had to laugh at that because I think he's jealous. Erika saw me laughing and asked, "What the heck are you laughing at?" She started laughing! "Oh nothing. I was texting my best friend and he's making me laugh haha." "Aww How old is she??" "It's a boy haha His name's Louis. We've been friends for over 12 years now and we did everything together since then." I started to tear up and I looked down, trying to hide it. Erika had a sad look on her face and she knew instantly that I wanted to break down. So she got up and said, "C'mon. We've had enough of the shopping for one day!" I got up and grabbed my stuff and we headed out the door. We grabbed a ride again with Hannah and she took me home. I thought she would be the type of a friends sister who ignores her sisters friends and doesn't talk to them, but she is very kind and she likes to talk to me. She seems like the type who is easy to talk to about things. Erika is lucky to have her! We got to my house and we said out goodbyes. when i walked in the house, the scent of spaghetti. Wow it's already dinner time? I asked myself. I yelled, "Im home Mum! Going upstairs to finish unpacking!" I ran upstairs and I finally got a text from Louis. Boobear:0) - 'cool! Anything special between u 2 ;) ;)' Wow, I said to myself. Me - '-_- no.'   Louis P.O.V. Yes! There's nothing going on between them! "Louis! Give me your phone!" the history teacher, Mr. Peach, said. Shit, I said to myself and quickly texted Madison. Me - 'Got in trouble. Ttyl:(' Maddie<3 - 'aw man, sorry Lou. Ttyl' I got up and gave Mr. Peach my phone and he put it in his desk drawer. This is gonna the worst day ever when Mum hears about this.
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