Goodbyes Aren't Forever


5. Chapter 4

-Chapter 4-

I got home right when the rain started to lighten up. Oh I was so happy it was starting to stop! I'm not a big fan of wet and cold weather at all! When I walked on the curb in front of our house, I saw that no one was home yet. "Yes!" I thought to myself. I have the place to myself for the next few hours! I walked in, dried my feet off, and tossed my backpack on the kitchen table. As I was looking for a snack, my phone started buzzing. I looked at it and it was Louis. I smiled to myself as I opened the text message. It said, 'I knew You would blow 'em away with those rolls! Haha Hey, I've been considering what u said a few years ago about me going on the X-Factor...' 'That's great! So glad u r considering it! R u going to do it anytime soon?' I texted. 'Maybe...idk yet though' 'Mh. I seriously think u should. Besides, most if ur support Will be coming from ME. Jkjk' 'Haha I hope! So is everything there alright?' 'Yeah! School, family, and everything else is great! Hbu? How's life treatin' the old Lou-boo:)' 'Pretty well! School is dreadful like nobody's business and family is alright..=0)' I had to laugh at the emoticon he made! That is so him! 'Haha! Great! How's your job going?' 'Pretty well. The music store is getting pretty busy. I've started teaching a little boy down the street from me piano. His name is Jason. He's taking it easily and he's a great kid. Hey, I have to go. Class is starting.' 'Sounds great! I hope I get to meet him soon!! Ok Lou. Text me later! xx' 'I will. Luv u. Bye. xx' 'luv u 2.' I put my phone down and I grabbed some pretzels and Nutella and walked up to my room. I put on some music and started eating my snack. Then the thought of the party on Saturday with Niall popped up in my head. Oh yeah! I completely forgot about it until now. Man, I'm so excited. I was thinking of what it could look like and what it would feel like to be with Niall, then the thought and image of Harry came up. I don't know why, but I just kept thinking of him. I haven't personally met him yet, but I kept thinking of him. I got lost in my thoughts until I heard the front door slam closed. Mom's home! I got up and walked downstairs to greet her. "Hey Mom" "Hey sweetie! How are you doing?" She said as she put her purse and keys on the counter. "Pretty good! I got the job at the bakery!" I said excitedly. "Congrats! So happy for you!" she said as she hugged you. "Yeah! I was asked to show them some skills, so I made my killer cinnamon rolls," I said, winking. Mom laughed and smiled at me. "And that's what got you in?" "Exactly." "That's just awesome hunny." "Have you talked to Louis since this morning?" she said. "Yeah! I talked to him before and after school." "How's he doing?" "Pretty good. He got a job at a music store down the street from his house and he just started teaching a boy piano." "That's great! He does have a great touch in music. His voice it great and he can play piano quite well." "Yes, think so too," I said, quietly because I was starting to tear up. Mum instantly saw that I was starting to get really sad and she go up and hugged me. "Baby, you'll see him again soon. I promise." I cried into her shoulder as she held me there. "I know I will. I just hope nothing happens between now and the time I do actually get to see him," I said, barely getting out. I heard my phone suddenly vibrate on the countertop and I quickly dried my tears and looked at the text. It was from Erika.
Erika:) - 'Hey Maddie! Whatsup? xx'
Me: 'Hello!! Nothing really. Just hanging out @ home. Wbu?'
Erika:) - 'Nothing at all. I'm bored:P U wanna go to the local mall with me??'
Me: 'um I'll ask my mum...'
"Hey mum, can I go to the mall with my friend, Erika?" "Uh can I meet her first?" "Yeah!"
Me: 'My mom wants to meet u first XD'
Erika:) - 'ha! Ok I'll be ovr in like 10 min.'
Me: 'Kk!'
I put my phone down and said, "She's on her way now, mum." "Ok deary. I just want to make sure she's not a druggy, smoking a crack pipe or anything!" She said. I started laughing. She's always had great humor! "Haha ok great!" I sat down at the couch and turned the tv on. I started watching my favorite show, "Family Guy". I was laughing the whole time it was on and then I heard the doorbell ring. That must be Erika. I got up and answered the door. I opened the door to a very happy person. Erika has dark brown hair, blue-green eyes, and she has tan skin. "Hey Madison!!" She nearly yelled. I smirked at that. "Hey Erika!! C'mon in! Make yourself feel at home!" She smiled as walked in as I closed the big door. "Wow! Nice place you've got here!" She looked at the ceiling and everything, just staring in awe. "Haha thanks! Sit down if you like! Would you like something to drink?" "Naw. I'm good!" She sat down and I went to the kitchen. "Mum! Erika's here!" "Oh yay! Coming in just a moment!" She put down her reading glasses along with her book and walked into the living room. "Hello dear! I'm Mrs. Clark, Maddie's mum!" Erika stood up and gave her a hug. "Nice to meet you! I'm Erika! Maddie and I go to school together!" "Ah yes! She has mentioned you today." I walked in and said, "Ah and I'm the young Madison Clark you may speak of!" I curtsied and Erika laughed. "Well. Now that you've met Erika mum, may I go to the mall?" "Sure dear. Just be careful! Do you have a ride?" "Yes! My sister is actually dropping us off and picking us up," Erika said. "Ok then! I'll see you two later! Love you Maddie." "Ok love you too mum!" And with that being said, we ran out the door.
We got to the mall and Hannah, Erika's sister, dropped us off and said she will pick us up in two hours. We walked in and the mall was just magnificent!! It was big! "So, what store do you wanna go in first?" Erika said as she looked at me. "Um, wanna go into Hollister?" "Oh my gosh yes!" she shouted. We walked into Hollister and it was just....Hollister! We saw a few hot guys there and we just looked around. We both bought a couple of t-shirts and a pair of skinny jeans each. We shopped for another 45 minutes and we made out way over to the food court. "You wanna get some Starbucks?" I asked. "Yes! Absolutely! The line seems pretty long, so why don't you go find a small table and wait for me while I order our drinks?" She said. "Ok! Sounds like a plan!" I found a table for two people and sat down, pulling out my phone and texted Louis.
Me - 'Hey Louis! out of school yet?:) xx'
I got a message instantly, like usually.
Boobear:0) - 'Nope:( it's almost lunch break. Ha xx'
Me - 'Oh yeah. I completely forgot about the hours difference!'
Boobear:0) - 'Haha yep. So Whatsup?'
Me - 'Just at the mall with my new friend!:D ha.'
Boobear:0) - 'Sounds fun! What's her name?'
Me - 'Erika!'
Boobear:0) - 'pretty name. Haha Remember when we used to go to the mall together? That was really fun!'
Me - ' :'( Yeah, it was awesome!'
Boobear:0) - 'Yeah, I miss u so much, Maddie:('
Right I was about to reply to Lou's text, someone caught my eye when I quickly looked up, trying to see if Erika was in line still. I looked and it was.......

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