Goodbyes Aren't Forever


3. Chapter 3


The next morning
I woke up with the sun shining down through my blinds. I looked at my phone and it was 7:45 a.m. "Shit!" I thought to myself. I am going to be late for my first day of high school here! I quickly got up, fixed my bed, and ran to my bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and hair, and ran back to my room to pick something out to wear. I picked a white "Ramones" shirt out, a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, and I pair of white Toms. I quickly threw my clothes on and looked in the mirror. "Gosh I'm so ugly," I said to myself, looking at my wavy brunette hair and blue-green eyes. So I put in a little blush, mascara, eye liner, and last but not least, some lip gloss before I rushed downstairs. Dad has already left for work earlier in the morning and Mom was just in the kitchen sipping her cup of coffee. She saw me and smiled. "Doesn't someone look pretty for school today, huh?" "Haha ok Mom!" I said and hugged her. Mom laughed and said, "So after school, are you going to check out that bakery in town and see if you can get a job there?" "Yeah, I am thinking about it. It would be nice to have something to do to get my mind off of a few things and to have some cash in my pocket," I said. My phone started buzzing and it was Louis. "Give me a second mom," I said, smiling. Mom nodded and left the room to get ready for her part time job, working as a nurse in the nearby hospital. I answered my phone, "Hello?" "Hey there Maddie!! How's it going?" I heard on the other line. I smiled to myself as I heard the cheery voice. "Hey Lou-Boo! Pretty good! Just grabbing something to eat before I leave for school. Isn't it a bit early there?" "Uh, yeah it is, but I set my alarm so I can call you and wish you luck before you leave for school." "Aww that's sweet of you! I miss you a lot!" I said as I grabbed a bowl of cereal. I sat down at the table and started munching on my food. "Yeah, I know it is. I try. Haha I miss you a ton also! I am hoping we can see each other soon! So are you going to get that job you were talking to me about yesterday?" "Yeah I am actually going by the bakery after school and see if they would hire me. After all, I am a good baker at home and all," I said with a proud voice, laughing. " Louis laughs Yeah you sure can kick butt with your homemade cinnamon rolls!" he said. "Mhhhm! I'm glad you think that! I'd hate to say bye now, but I have to go. It's 8:15 and I am going to be so late for school." "Aw man! What time does school start for you?" "8:30," I said. "Oh ok. Please text me when you get out of school!" "I will, I promise! Love you Louis." "Thanks and love you too Maddie. Bye." I hung up and I started to tear up a little bit again. "Damn these emotions!" I said to myself. I hated feeling weak like this. I try to stay strong, but sometimes I just lose it when the sadness builds up too high. I snapped back into reality and got up to put my bowl in the sink. I grabbed my backpack and an umbrella just in case because it looked like it was going to rain. The bus is supposed to be here in 5 minutes, so I stepped outside and stood by the curb waiting for it. The air was fresh and it was a bit breezy. It felt so nice!
I soon saw the bus come up and it stopped right in front of me. I stepped in and the bus driver greeted me and said welcome to the school, smiling. I smiled back and said thanks and I took a seat. I was sitting next to a girl who looked like a nice person. "Hi, I'm Madison!" I said, smiling at her. "Hi, my name's Erika! I see you are new here!" She said. "Yes, I actually am! We just got here yesterday. I lived back in the states on the East Coast." "Nice! I've been to the states once and it was marvelous! Do you know anything about this school?" "No. I haven't had a chance to come down here and explore it before today." "Well, if you stick with me, I can show you around. By the end if the day you'll be just as familiar with it as I am!" she said. "Ok! Sounds great and thanks!" "No problem!" We got to the school and Erika and I started our first class- Algebra 2. I've always hated math. It never appealed to me as a "wonderful" or "fun" subject, no matter what it is. If its math, I instantly hate it. After that class we had two more before out lunch break. We made out way to the cafeteria after our third class which was World Geography. Erika and I were in line, getting our food when I saw a handsome guy walk past me. He was a little taller than I am and I'm pretty short. He had dirty blonde hair spiked up and he had a thick Irish accent. Boy, was he someone to keep your eye on! "Hey, who is that guy over there?" I asked Erika out of curiosity. She looked over to where I was staring and she laughed, saying, "Oh that's Niall. He's one if the popular guys in school and he gets all of the girls. Don't get too comfortable with him though. He would pretend to like you and then later on, he'll dump you for some other chic." "What's so significant about him, despite his good looks?" "He's the leader of the football team." "Football as in soccer?" I asked, confused. "Bingo!" "Wow is he hot or what!" I said. Erika laughed and shook her head. We grabbed our trays of food and sat down with some if Erika's friends. I was introduced to two girls- Sarah and Vanessa- and a boy- Clayton. There were talking when I looked out if the corner if my eye at Niall and I caught him staring at me. I quickly looked away and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I just shook it off and finished lunch. Towards the end it the school day, I was at my locker waiting for Erika to get done with gym. The Niall guy came up to me and said, "Hey baby. What's your name?" I blushed and said in a shy voice, "Madison." "Aww that's a pretty name for a pretty girl! I'm Niall. You new here?" "Yeah I am actually." "Thats cool! I've been going here for a while. My older brother came here when he was in high school and he left a good name and reputation. So I'm pretty popular here." We chatted for a while until he said, "I know I don't know you and all, but would you like to go to the beach party with me this coming Saturday?" I was a little indecisive. I remembered what Erika said about Niall, but then I wanted to go. "Um well, sure!" He smiled. "Great! You want me to come pick you up or do you want to meet somewhere?" "You can come by. I'll give you my number and address." I got out a piece of paper and a pencil and I wrote down my address and my number. "Here you go!" I said, handing him the slip of paper. "Thanks! Nice meeting you, Madison!" He said and walked off. I was just staring after him, smiling when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I jumped in surprise and turned around to face disappointed Erika. "OMG you just got asked out on a date by THE Niall Horan!" She said. "Yeah I know!" I said in an excited voice. We laughed and made our way outside. She was taking the bus home and I was walking to town and try to get a job, so I gave her my number so we can keep in touch when we aren't in school. She was saying something to me when I saw a curly haired boy walk past me. He had brown curly hair, dark green eyes, and he was tall. "Wow, just wow," I was thinking to myself. Erika was still jabbering away and then she saw that I wasn't paying attention. She looked at the guy I was staring at and she said, "Holy cow, Madison! You are easily distracted. That's Harry Styles by the way. He doesn't talk to anyone much. A lot of people have said that he's witnessed his parent death when he was just 5 years old. Since then, he's been living with his unmarried aunt. He's been in shock after seeing his parents die right in front of him and so he doesn't talk. Only to the people he's comfortable around and the ones he can trust. He only has a small group of friends though." I just nodded and kept studying him. Heck, he was a better looking guy than Niall! He looks like a kind person you can trust with anything. "I gotta get on the bus now. Good luck getting your job!" Erika said. "Thanks! Come by later and we can chat more!" As we departed, I texted Louis, saying, 'Hey Lou! Just leaving the school and heading to town xx'. I almost instantly got a text back and it said, 'Good luck hun! Gosh it's not the same here at school without u:/'. 'I know Lou. Same here. OMG I got asked out today!!' 'By whom may I ask?' Louis started feeling a bit jealous. "C'mon Lou old boy. Don't feel jealous! You don't like her!" he said to himself. 'By this really cute blonde in my school:3' 'Aww well congrats!! So happy for you!' He lied. 'Thanks Boobear!' I didn't want to tell him about this Harry guy. I still need to find out more about him. 
I got to the bakery after a long walk. I walked inside and took a look around. It was a typical cafe/bakery. It's the type of place where you could just come in for breakfast or for a quick snack and grab a doughnut or like a small pastry. I walked to the counter and asked for the manager. The manager came out and introduced himself. "Hi! I'm Samuel, the manager and owner of this bakery!" he said. "Hi! I'm Madison! I was just wondering if you were hiring high school students. I was hoping to get a job so I can have a little cash in my pocket and to keep myself busy." "You know what? I am one employee short. If you don't mind, could you please show me what you can do?" he asked. I got really excited and answered, "Yes of course I can!" He took me to the back where the kitchen was. "So I can make anything, really. I am really good at making cinnamon rolls though!" "Ok well lets see 'em!" Samuel said. I started baking for a Long time until they were finally done. I placed one on a plate and added a little bit of frosting on top and handed it to Samuel. He took the plate and took a small bite out of the roll. "Mh mh mh!! This is delicious! Man, I'd pay at lease $3.50 for two of these!" he said. I smiled and said, "Thank you sir!" "Well, I couldn't have done any better with these and I am short On're hired!" I smiled and hugged him out of excitement. "Thank you thank you thank you!! When do I start?" "You can start your training tomorrow. I will have one of my top of the line employees train you for a whole week. He will show you how to use the cash register, bake other goods, and how to maintain a good bakery. Run along now. You can start right after school tomorrow!" I thanked him one last time and walked outside. It started pouring like cats and dogs outside so I pulled my umbrella out and headed towards home. I texted Louis saying, 'I got the job!!!!!xx' 'awesome! Congratulations on getting your very first job! When do u start?' I replied, 'I start tomorrow right after school. One of the manager's best employees there is going to train me for a whole week.' 'Great! What did u make him btw?' 'I made him my killer cinnamon rolls;) xx'

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