Goodbyes Aren't Forever


2. Chapter 2

I took one last look of Louis and boarded our plane. I had teary eyes and my heart just broke, knowing that we would be thousands of miles away from each other. I started to legit cry and my mom put her hand on my back and pulled me close to her. She started to shush me like mothers do when they know their child is in pain. My dad was sitting across the isle from Mom and I and he looked at Mom with a sympathetic face. They knew how I felt. The feeling of emptiness and sorrow in your heart when someone you deeply love has to go or you have to leave them behind to move along in your life. They have once experience that also.
The time has past quite fast, it seemed. I cried myself to sleep and I woke up a few hours later. My mom was starting to fade and my father was dead asleep. I bent down and pulled out a book out of my backpack that I had a carry-on. I always love to read when I get lonely. It is what calmed me down. Sometimes I would sit in the treehouse Lou and I built and read for hours and hours! Louis called me his “little bookworm” when he sees me reading. I usually read classics that are full of romance and fairytales. It replenishes my imagination and I just love them. I brought “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. Although it’s a play, it is one of my favorite classics! I read for a little bit when the air waitress(A/N: I just used that instead of the steward because it sounds waaaay better and professional XD) announced to fasten our seat belts because we are landing. I woke my mom up and we fastened our seat belts. When we got to the airport, we grabbed our carry and headed into the airport. We them grabbed our luggage and got a rental car to drive to our new house. Mom and Dad went house shopping online and they found one they absolutely loved! It has three bedrooms, one bathroom in each, a massive kitchen that has been redone with new counter tops and appliances. It has a whole acre as a backyard, a two door garage, and a huge basement. It also has a living room and a dining room. I saw the pictures online and it is beautiful. So we were making our way to our new house. It doesn’t feel different walking around in England than in the U.S., but the only different things are people here talk with a British accent and they have British slang that I have never heard before. It’s quite interesting being I’m this new environment, if you ask me. Our house is about 30-45 minutes away from the airport. It didn’t seem very far though because I was too occupied with looking outside and checking things out than worrying about how long it takes to get there. We got to out house and it looks WAY bigger than I expected! We live out in the country from civilization. It was extremely peaceful-too peaceful for me! I am used to the loud streets, but now is a perfect time to get used to the quietness. I was guided upstairs by my mom so she can show me my new bedrooms. “Okay Maddie! Here is your new room!” She opened the door and it was beautiful! The walls were my favorite color, light blue, and there were while shelves and closet door. It was probably the size of the average master bedroom size. It was perfect! “Oh my gosh mom! This is one thing that cheered me up, but I still feel a little bit down still,” I said. “Aw I know honey. I am sure Louis misses you a lot and you’ll get to see each other again really soon! Now, get your stuff unpacked. I’ll have your father bring your boxes up while you unpack your suitcase.” Right after mom stopped talking, my cellphone rang. I looked at the screen and it said ‘Boobear:)’. “Hello?” I said. “Hey Maddie! I miss you already! How’s everything going?” Louis said. Just hearing his voice made me
Smile. “I miss you sooooooooooooooo much Louis! So much that it hurts. Everything is just fine. We arrived at our new house and I am in my room unpacking my stuff,” I said. “Hey, don’t kill yourself over me not being there Hun! We will see each other and I’ll make sure of it! Just remember that I’ll always be here for you and you’ll always be on my mind. So, how do you like your new house? Your dad showed me the pictures and it looks beautiful!” “Louis, you’ll always on my mind too! I really like it here, but it’s so big and so quite! I’ll have to get used to it before I absolutely love it though. As we were in town when we were leaving the airport, I was studying the way people are, how they dress, and how they talk. These people aren’t at all THAT different from us, but the accent is a big difference. Also, their ‘British slang’ is pretty interesting.” Louis laughed and said, “Oh maddie! You study everyone!laughs Well, I hope you get used to it! I’m sorry Hun, but I have to get ready to go to work.” “Oh you got a job?” “Yeah, I work at a music store. I just got it a few days ago.” “Oh that is great! I am thinking about getting a job at a bakery around here. Well, have fun at your new job!” “That sounds great! Make me some cookies though! Just kidding,” Louis said, laughing. “I’ll call or text you later when I get off of work! I love you and miss you so much!” “Ok Lou! I love you and miss you so much too!” We said our goodbyes and hung up. I was starting to tear up because just hearing Louis’ voice makes me happy at first, then sad because I miss him so much. I sat down on my mattress and pulled out a picture of Louis and I. I looked at it and I small tear rolled down my face, onto the picture frame. This was the saddest thing to happen to me in my life. Losing my best friend is something I did not want to happen. It ruined me.

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