A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


55. The Wizards and Muggles Ball

Lily's P.O.V


I took one more look at my reflection on the mirror. There stood a red-headed girl, she was wearing a green dress, that matched her eyes color, its neckline was in a sweetheart shape and its shoulders straps were not held by the shoulders, but were still there. The shoulders straps were covered with fabric flowers, and a line of flowers followed all the way down the dress. I really liked this dress when I saw it in the shop, I found it quite cute. The flowers were yellow and white, and in my feet I wore high heels. 

walking down the staircase was so funny. I was really excited, but also a bit nervous. Nervous because I wasn't sure how James's reaction was going to be, and because I was wearing heels, and I was really worried that maybe I'd stumble and fall. James told me that he'll be waiting for me by the Great Hall's door, so while I was walking, I was looking for him.

Then I saw him, and he saw me. He came closer to me and I came closer to him, his eyes were open, and he was looking at me like I was a piece of art. He was looking at my dress, all the way up to my face. 

"James, my face is here." I said giggling. He cleared his throat. 

"Yeah, sorry. You look - amazing!" He said taking one more step closer. 

"You do too." I said tightening the bow tie he was wearing. He leaned closer and kissed me. 

"I can't believe how lucky I am to have you." He whispered. 

"Just as lucky as I am to have you." 

We got into the hall and James was looking for his friends. Of course I didn't mind it, I knew what his friends meant to him and I wanted him to be happy. Plus, I loved the boys and their girlfriends, they were really awesome. 

The only one I could find now was Clara's sister, Lara. She was wearing a very beautiful dress, it had two colors in it; black and baby blue. A belt was placed in the waist place, above it, it was black and beneath it, it was baby blue. It looked very nice on her light complexion. 

I also saw Severus, he was talking to a girl from my house, her name was Abby and she was in my year, he looked like he was flirting with her, but I really didn't care about them. I immediately looked away, and was delighted to have James here with me.


Sirius's P.O.V


I couldn't wait to see Alex! I was looking for her everywhere, but then three beautiful girls entered the hall, and I knew instantly that Alex was one of them. She came to me, almost running, and I came to her actually running. From this short distance she even looked better, I could see her face details really clearly. She looked very beautiful. 

"Hi." She finally said a huge smile on her face. That was when I realized I was actually staring at her face. Her dress suited her greatly, just like her eyes, it was blue. A bit darker, navy. 

"Hey!" I said. "You look ..." I paused searching for the perfect word. "Absolutely charming. Beautiful!" I said. Alex blushed instantly, just like she was wearing tons of blusher, but she wasn't, it was natural, and it was so amazing.  I leaned closer and kissed her. "I never imagined you'd look this good! I mean, you're always beautiful but now - wow" I just said. 

"Thank you. Well look at you, handsome! hey, I brought you something." She said. I was wearing a black suit and a white shirt. She opened her purse and gave me a navy tie. "This way we'll look better together." She said giggling. 

"Are you kidding? No one's gonna look at me if I walk or dance with you." She waved her hand towards me and started blushing again. Perfect. She was just perfect. She started doing me the tie, and I stared at her blue eyes and allowed myself to get lost in them with no hesitation.

"Spin for me." I suddenly said realizing something. 


"Spin for me."

"Why?" she said, without getting the answer she started spinning, I gave her my hand and she continued spinning and spinning. She then stopped, laughing.

"Just like in the dream I once had."

"you mean the dream you once told me about when you said that you wanted to talk with me privately? Oh my god! Do you still remember that dream?!" She asked surprised. 

"Of course I do. I remember everything about you." I said honestly. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. "And you were wearing this same dress. The blue, navy dress." That had a flowery sleeve that only covered one shoulder. I continued mentally. Yes, I remembered it very well, just as if I was having the dream right now. How we danced together, it was all perfect, and it was becoming all reality today. "I can't believe I lost you for a day." I said sighing.

"You mean, when you were under the love potion?" She said laughing. "Forget it, it was just a day." 

"I really hurt you though." I said. Alex took my hand. 

"It's alright, Sirius. I still love you." 

Man, this word just gets me all warm every time she says it


Remus's P.O.V


Sirius, Kyle and I were standing together, waiting for our girlfriends to enter the hall. When they did enter, I looked at Max in awe, trying to believe that she was Max, trying to believe that it was her. She looked so different, yet so so gorgeous! It was the first time for me to see her in a dress and stuff, and I really wished it wasn't the last time. She instantly attracted me to her, uncontrollably. And the first thing I said to her was,

"Wow!" She started giggling. She was wearing a black dress. Its sleeves were long, but were dantel. Her face was really pretty. This was a whole new and great Max to me. 

"You like it?" She said biting her lower lip. She was so cute. 

"I love it. And I love you." I said taking her hand and kissing her red lips. 

"It was so funny! You should've been in our dorm!" She said, yeah she still sounded like Max. The music got lowered and professor McGonagall's voice filled the hall, but in the background the music could still be heard. 

"Welcome to the first Muggles and Wizards Ball ever, and well I hope you enjoy your time. Let's start with the dance we learned, everyone." She said. So I still held Max's hand in mine and I led her to the dance floor. I still knew how the dance was and I now could even do it without counting, we practiced a lot. But somehow it was even better than all the times we dance in practice. With Max's outfit and the music around, the decoration. It was really great, and I think Max rally enjoyed the dance, or at least I hope so.


Kyle's P.O.V


When the three girls entered the hall, I wasn't looking at the doors, I was telling the boys that I wanted to get a glass of water and I'll come back. When professor McGonagall started talking I heard someone calling my name. A beautiful, pure voice. Clara. She was wearing a red dress, it had diamonds on it, and when she came closer, I was sure that she was herself shining like a diamond. She looked even better than she ever did, and she's always looked great! 

"Where were you?" She said smiling. 

"I - I was going to get some water. But now I don't really care for water, so I don't think I'm going there." I said not even blinking. Clara giggled and told me that professor McGonagall was saying it was time to dance the dance we've been practicing. So I took her hand and started running to the dance floor. 

"You look absolutely stunning you know?" I shouted over the loud voice of music, it was even louder here on the dance floor. 

"Thank you." She said grinning widely. 

"You do too, really amazing. And it's a good thing you decided to wear a red tie!" She said. 

"Yeah! Great coincidence." I said. The what-seemed-like a tiara was shining in her hair and it looked so amazing with her hair style. He hair was amazing, so were here eyes. She smelled perfectly, that I just wanted to keep her close all the time, I couldn't wait till the dance was over so I could kiss her. one, two, three, up. 

We were dancing perfectly, talking and laughing. Having so much fun, together. She was just like an angel. Moving smoothly and perfectly. When the dance was over I gave her an unforgettable kiss. And she put her both hands around my neck. 


Ruby's P.O.V


Dancing with the dress was harder than dancing with the uniform, but it was really better. Who would've thought I would be dancing in a ball with Ethan, completely in love with him, even that he's always been just my best friend. Every once in a while, he kept on giving me compliments, and they sounded really honest. It's a good thing he liked my pink long dress, I was really worried he wouldn't like it. When Katy helped me with it she put me a belt made of small diamonds on it. And it gave it such a fancy touch. 

"I really love you, you know." Ethan was saying. 

"I really do too." I said, allowing him to kiss me. I saw Katy in the distance, dressed perfectly in a sweet purple dress. Dancing with her boyfriend, Lucius. Yet she saw me and she waved me, so I waved her back and blew her a kiss. 

"I'll get you a drink." Ethan said. So I sat there alone for a while, but I didn't mind it. I was very happy. 


Ethan's P.O.V


This was the night when I first danced with Ruby not as her best friend but as her boyfriend. It was so awesome. She looked so beautiful in the pink dress, her red hair covered her shoulders and her cheeks were blushing. I went to get her a drink while she rested for a while and found Eli and Grace there. Grace was wearing a yellow dress and Eli and her were talking in whispers. When they saw me they started laughing. 

"Hey Ethan!" Grace said. 

"Hello!" I said. "How are you guys?" 

"We're great, actually more than great." Said Eli winking me. Were they together now?! Yes. I was really happy for them, they were such an amazing couple together. So they followed me to the drinks area and I told them were Ruby and I were sitting, inviting them to come and sit with us for a while. 

"Thank you." Said Ruby when I gave her the drink. "Ethan. I wanna ask you .. How long have you- ? you know." She said. 

"How long have I what?" 

"Been in love with me?" she said weakly. 

"Hmm, let's see. When we were little, we were just best friends, when we were teenagers, I thought it was just a crush, so- for about six years?" I said. 

"Wow, it must've been very hard for you, you know- not telling me about it and having to act like were just friends." 

"Yeah, it was. It's a good thing I did tell you about everything this year. What about you?" I asked. 

"Just a year, but I thought it was a crush, thought I'd never fall in love. But I was wrong." She said. 

I wish I told her earlier, we wasted so much time. 



So this Abby who Snape came to the ball with is actually a commenter, thank you for giving me your name and house and I'm sorry I didn't find you a longer part of the story. But let's face it, she went to the ball with Severus, it must've been cool =P

Anyway, hope you liked this long chapter everyone. 

love you all =)




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