A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


17. The Quidditch Match

Alex's P.O.V


I didn't wake up by my own self today, nor by someone's call. I was waken up by Max. She was throwing pillows on me, hitting me right on the face. 

"Ouch!" Was the first thing I said this morning. "That hurt!" My voice was still weird from sleeping. Max laughed.

"Come on! We're gonna miss breakfast!" She said.

"Since when are you so interested in breakfast? Or do you just miss Remus so much that you want to go and see him." I said teasing. 

"No." She said flatly. "I mean, yes, maybe but that's not the reason. Today's the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. The breakfast before the game is always cool." She said. 

"All right." I said. I got out of bed and got dressed then went to the bathroom, bushed my teeth and went back to the dormitory to brush my hair. Max was still there. "Hey Max," I called. 


"Don't ever wake me up like this again!" I said. We both laughed and then went out. 

"Clara and Lara are already there. Clara's with the Marauders." 

"Strange." I said sarcastically. Of course she was there, after all she had a crush on Kyle apparently.

As we finally reached the Great Hall I found myself being hugged in the perfect hug anyone could have. My face was planted in Sirius's warm chest and I immediately got butterflies and started blushing. Sirius was so perfect. I hugged the others and sat by Kyle, on his other side sat Clara. 

"We're finally learning what Quidditch is!" I said. 

"Yeah." James said. I could feel he was a bit nervous, but not very much, he was quite cool actually. "I have to leave soon, the game's almost starting." And just like he said, a couple of minutes he stood up and started looking for his team-mates. 

"He's the captain, you know?" Sirius asked. 

"Cool." I was really looking forward to watching this match and learning about this Quidditch game. 

After we ate breakfast the boys started hurrying to go to the Quidditch field.

"Hurry up before it gets too crowded." Remus was saying. So technically we started running to the Quidditch field. And it was a very bad thing to do, especially when you're wearing robes. I was really afraid that I would stumble to the ground, and my fears became reality. I did stumble, and I didn't just stop, I kept on rolling on the ground for almost a whole minute. To make things worse, I found Sirius there when I finally stopped rolling, my face was red, very red. I was very embarrassed. I suddenly found Sirius's arms around my shoulder and I found him sitting by me on the ground. 

"Are you all right?" He asked worried. Worried. He was worried about me. At first I couldn't talk, not because I was hurt, I felt nothing of my bruises at that moment, but because of what was happening now. Sirius studied me again and I realized I was staring. 

"Umm, yeah. I'm alright, thank you." I managed to say. Sirius let out a breath.

"Thank god!" He said. His hands moved from my shoulders to my armpit and without managing to stop him I found my self getting carried off the ground very fast. Now he placed one hand almost on my tummy, warping it all around my body and the other - well on my but. Hot. My face was hotter than it needed to be. Definitely, I blushed so, very much. Wish a super speed, Sirius ran with me to the Quidditch field. Then we were there.

"Thank you very much. But you don't have to carry me anymore, I can manage walking now." I said smiling foolishly. 

"Not-uh. Not yet." He said. 

"No really Sirius I can. I just stumbled because of the robe I'm wearing, not a big deal." I insisted. 

"I said no." He said sternly but extremely gentle. It was a strange but great combination. I didn't argue more, I knew I wasn't going to win. Even when I tried to fight my own way to the ground I couldn't, his arm stopped me. 

Then we found some place to sit in and Sirius finally let go of me, making me sit by his side. 

"Thanks again." I said. He just winked, but he had no idea how much this wink caused my insides to react.



Lily's P.O.V


I was running to get to the Quidditch field early, I didn't want to miss any part of James's game. It was always one of my favorite things to do, to watch him play Quidditch, and fly. The way his hair moves with the wind, the way he enjoys his time so much, the way he sends the Quaffle to the goal hoop, it just makes me sigh with admiration. Besides, it was a great thing to do to forget about what my ex-friend Severus did this week and yesterday. 

I started looking for him, and I started freaking out, the game was almost starting and I couldn't find him. I had to talk to him before it starts, we always have a very-short conversation  before he plays. But then I found him flying towards me. When he finally reached my side he asked,

"Where have you been?"  

"Looking for you." I said honestly. It felt now way better to finally tell James about my emotions. He raised an eyebrow. 

"Really?" and as I nodded he continued going up with his broom until I had to raise my head a bit to see him. "Now won't you wish me luck, Evans?" He asked. That was a typical thing of James to say, it was what he said before each Quidditch match. Then he turned upside down, holding to the broom with his thighs and hands. 

"Good luck." I said flatly wanting to provoke him.

"That's is?" He asked. Now our faces were so close, I could feel his breath moving my eyelashes just a bit. But then he and I in the same time both got closer to each other and we kissed. He was still upside down. I laughed.



Kyle's P.O.V

Madam Hooch stood with the players, the Hufflepuff's team captain and James shook hands and then the game started. Clara was sitting by my side, Alex on my other.

"Now look," Sirius began. He was the closest of the Marauders to me, even that he was sitting next to Alex. "James and those two are the chasers." He said pointing at two girls. "They have to get this ball -which is called the Quaffle- into the other team's goalpost. Now this guy over there by the goalpost, he's called the Keeper. He must stop the other team from scoring into one of the three hoofs. And now look at these two boys, they're the Beaters. They keep the Bludgers, I mean these two balls away from the chasers, and try to let them hit the other team." The balls Sirius was talking about, the Bludgers were indeed moving violently up and down, doing their best to hit the chasers of each team. The Gryffindor's team was really good, their Beaters were good, their Keeper was excellent and the Chasers were perfect. "Now this girl is the Seeker, there is a small golden ball .. well somewhere, this girl's job is to follow this small flying ball and catch it."

"Is it like the one James was playing with the day he and Snivellus had a fight?" I asked. Lily looked at me, her expression quite annoyed by mentioning this name. She looked away, giving her attention to the game. 

"Yeah." Remus asked. from behind. Next to him sat Alex's friend Max and Clara's twin and her boyfriend. We were all together, it was great. 

The game was so fun to watch, the Gryffindors kept on scoring. The Hufflepuff's scored too, the score now was 50 points for Gryffindor and 30 for Hufflepuff. James threw the Quaffle to the other Chaser girl, who threw it to the third one. This girl was very close to the other team's goalposts and she almost scored, but a Quaffle hit her. The Quaffle didn't hit her face, thank god it did not, it did however hit her hand. She was injured. 

"That's a very bad injury for miss Stars." A boy who was commenting on the game this whole time was saying. "I wonder, will Potter ask for timeout?" 

James was going to call for timeout but as he checked his team's Seeker and the Seeker of the Hufflepuff's he noticed something strange. 

"Looks like the Golden Snitch's found!" The same boy commenting said. And as Lily passed me some binoculars I saw then indeed following a very small ball, just like the one James was playing with. I passed the binoculars to Clara so she could see it as well. 

"Oh! Johnson almost caught it." she said. "Yes, yes .. YES! SHE CAUGHT IT!"

"THE GOLDEN SNITCH WAS CAUGHT BY MISS JOHNSON! What a game, what a game!" The boy was saying. 

The Gryffindors were all cheering. And the players -who were wearing scarlet robes- were group hugging. 

"TO THE COMMON ROOM!" One of the Gryffindors called. It took me a while to discover that it was Remus. 

All of the Gryffindors were sprinting, some even running. When finally we were out of the field and with the players the boys started carrying the players. Stars, Johnson and even James were all left on the shoulders. 

"GRYFFINDOR! GRYFFINDOR!" Everyone was calling. We joined them, Clara jumping by my side and enjoying her time. Her hair fighting the gravity each time she jumped, she looked perfect. Since every body hugged each other, we hugged. It wasn't like the hugs I gave to Alex, it was better. In the crowd I could see Lily and James kissing. Right after they kissed everyone oohed and awed, apparently everyone thought they were pretty cute together. Then as I saw James, Peter and Remus heading towards James I followed them. We all high-fived him and bro hugged him. 

"Man! Not only you win the match, but also you get a kiss!" Sirius said. 

"You're never gonna get as lucky as me Padfoot." Said James joking. 

"Come on now let's go to the common room and celebrate." Lily said. 

"I don't know-" James said. Lily gave him a look. "Alight let us."



James's P.O.V


"You were awesome today." Lily whispered in my ear.

"Was I? Well I think I'll get another kiss as a reward. Or don't I deserve it?" Lily giggled and blushed. MAN I loved her. 

"Just this time, Potter." She said before she planted a kiss on my lips. We reached the common room, I sat on one of the couches and Lily sat on my lap. 

"Hey Lily." I whispered to her even that everyone was partying and yelling and talking loudly. 


"You do know I wanted to win just for you, don't you?" I asked. And again, she blushed beautifully and she put her head on my chest. I put my arms around her.

"Enough of the partying now guys, let's teach our guests how to play Quidditch." Sirius said. I was quite tired so I didn't want to join them, not everyone did, only the ones who had friends from Kyle and Alex's school and the ones who wanted to watch them play. Our next class wasn't until 4:00 pm. Defense Against the Dark Arts. 

Kyle, Alex, Sirius, Max and Clara (who were in our common room surprisingly) all went to the Quidditch field again. Lily didn't.

"Go have a shower and let's sit together once you finish." Lily told me.


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