A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


26. The Great Trip

Alex's P.O.V


We finally reached Hogsmeade. This village by far is the coolest place I've ever been to. I'm surrounded by shops and houses and pubs. 

"Where do you want to go first?" Sirius asked me. 

"I - I don't know .. you're the one who knows everything here!" I answered trying to see all of the shops around me. This place was really big. 

"Now I'll give you some options as we walk. What do you think about this?" 

"Ok, perfect." I said as I felt Sirius's hand entering mine and butterflies filled my stomach. I smiled and walked, lead by him. 

"Now there is a radio station, greengrocer's, a sports shop, quills shop, cauldrons shop, an owl post office, a salon, a Herbology shop, clothing shop, a music shop and a place where you can repair magical instruments. These places aren't fun at all. There's a library we can go to it before we leave, if you like reading." Sirius suggested. 

"Are you kidding me? I'm a Ravenclaw." I said. We both laughed. "So what are the interesting shops?" 

"There's a sweets shop, a tea shop and three pubs. I'll walk you to my favorite." As I nodded we went to a place where a pub was almost full stood. It was called The Three Broomsticks Inn and it also had three broomsticks by the title in a banner as a decoration. It looked quite fine and I wanted to try it, after all Sirius seemed to like it, why not make him happy? "Look, if you want to go to the tea shop-"

"It's ok, this pub seems quite nice." Sirius's face brightened up. 

"Great! I honestly like it better here."

"I know it. I can tell." I giggled. We got in and sat on one of the few unoccupied tables. Sirius ordered us two butterbeers, I never tried one but he says it's quite delicious. 

As the waiter gave me my huge mug I tried to take a sip of it but covered my nose with it's foamy topping. It was so warm and really delicious. Sirius looked at me and chuckled. Great, I probably still have some foam on my nose. I tried to lick my upper lips but it was no use. Sirius didn't give me a napkin, he nobly took a napkin and cleaned my lips and nose himself. Then he got closer to me and gave me a small kiss. Small but still effective in an indescribable way. As we broke apart I noticed the people around us. This was the first time we kissed in public like this. This felt awesome. 


Max's P.O.V


"So the Shrieking Shack isn't really haunted?" I asked Remus. 

"Nope. It's been me the whole time – Well, as a wolf of course." I put my hand on his face and moved my thumb gently.

"You will no longer keep secrets from me, will you Remus?" I asked. 

"No, no more secrets." He said then he paused. I slipped my hand from his face and put it into his. "One more secret to tell." He said. 


"I love you." 

I'm pretty sure I fainted at that moment, well either this or I stood there in complete silence waiting for my brain to respond. This couldn't be real. Remus Lupin just said he loved me. The boy I've always had a crush on. This was beyond reality. And then I felt them again, his lips. Warm and close. It was a dream coming true, this whole thing was. 

Our behavior wasn't that weird or strange. Here in Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop everyone came as couples. Boys usually didn't like it so much to come here but they have to do somethings sometimes just to make us feel good. And I like it here, their tea's warm and sweet. Plus, the place is so cosy and romantic. No wonder people come here a lot on Valentine's day. As we drank our tea we talked and laughed, ignoring the dirty looks some people gave us when we laughed too hard. We didn't really care, we had each other and the whole world seemed frozen to us. The whole world meant nothing as long as we were together. 


Kyle's P.O.V


"I honestly don't know where to take you Clara." I said. 

"There's a coffee shop by the sweets shop right there." She pointed to me. "It's quite perfect. The drinks there are delicious and the place is not too crowded." 

"Great, then let's go there." Clara nodded and then looked at the others, most of them were gone now. "just the two of us." I said as I took her hand and walked with her. This was the closest thing I could give Clara to a date, I just hope she feels for me the way I do for her. Clara's face changed a lot, it got happier and - better looking. Man this girl was so beautiful if she got any better she'd just turn into an angel. 

As we sat, we talked, I ordered some coffee and Clara ordered some latte. She started telling me about herself, for now I realized I know just a bit about her. I also told her about myself and then she started a new topic.

"So, why did you want us to go here just by our own selves." It took me a while before I replied. 

"Because, I want to tell you about something very important for me and I hope that you'll understand." I said and took a deep breath. Was it the right time for me to tell her? I have no idea. the only thing I know is that I really had to tell her or I would just explode, I could hold it no longer. 



Ruby's P.O.V


Regulus and I have been doing great together. Yes, he isn't my type of guys, but we're not here to love, we're here to have fun. He took me to a pub that was called The Hog's Head. He said that this pub wasn't as crowded as the other two and he said that there were also a tea and a coffee shop but that neither of them were good for us. This pub was a bit more far from the others and I think that's why he picked this one particularly. 

"Most of the people there are Slytherins, you know."

"Good." I lied. I wasn't just interested in the Slytherins I was a sociable person and accepted everyone, but right here and right now and with Regulus I had to act like the rest of the Slytherins. I was sitting by him and I put my head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. His eyes carried hunger, not a hunger I liked, but not a hunger I refused at this moment, so I just stayed like this and right there, but then someone else entered the pub. A blonde boy with a blonde cute girl. It took me a while to realize that they were Grace and Ethan. Hand in hand, getting into the pub and placing themselves on the table right in front of us, it was all ok and they didn't notice us, but when Ethan did notice us his face changed and I didn't like the look on his face. 


Ethan's P.O.V


As we sat on one of the Hog's Head Pub's tables I noticed something - someone actually. It was Ruby. Her face was planted on a boy's shoulder, he had his arm around her shoulder and a dark look in his eyes. He didn't look safe and I didn't like all of this. Ruby, the girl I really, really liked was with someone else. Grace looked at me a bit puzzled. 

"Ethan?! Are- are you ok?" She asked. Probably my face told what my mouth couldn't. Probably it was angry, very angry and probably it was jealous and probably it was sad - I had all of these emotions running through my veins, plus the feeling of being betrayed. No, I never told Ruby about my feeling for her, we were supposed to be just friends and nothing more, but little did I realize how much stronger my feelings grew for her. 

"Yeah. I'm - alright." I finally managed to say, failing to even draw a simple smile on my lips. 

"We could go somewhere -" She said as she turned around to see what I was looking at. "Oh." Was what she said. "You-"

"Grace." I said as Ruby looked at me in the face and continued talking to the boy she was with, not even giving me the slightest care. Lovers or not, this wasn't what friends did. My blood started moving so fast in my veins and it felt so hot as if it was boiling. She wanted to get me jealous, well why not make her get a bit jealous too? "It's ok, I was just a bit surprised to see them here." I hissed. "Give me you'r hand." I hissed even lower. 

"My - my hand?" She asked shyly as she gave it to me and I held it very strongly. I kissed it and then gave Ruby the slightest look. He face got closer to his now and it caused my breathing to get heavier. 

"Do you mind if you sat by my side?" I asked Grace. 

"Not at all." So she placed her seat by mine happily and I started playing with her blonde hair, whispering her some compliments. As I looked at Ruby once more I saw her eyebrow rise and then her hand found its way to the boy's head from behind and she got his face -if possible- closer to hers and she placed her lips on his and kissed him - very strongly. She kissed him. I could no longer take it. I no longer looked at Grace I just looked at the kissing couple who sat in front of me and just looked at Ruby knowing I was losing her. I deserved it, I was the one who never told her about my feelings from the beginning. As they broke apart, she gave me a nasty look and laughed. 

"This was awesome!" I heard her say to the boy with her. 

"You're sick!" Grace said as she looked at my face and then at Ruby's table. "I get it now! You only did it to make her get jealous! Well don't even try to! She hasn't even the slightest feeling for you!" She said as she stood up and started to leave the pub. "Oh and one more thing." She said coming back. "Thanks for the beer." Grace held her mug and poured it all on my head. Everyone was staring at me now, there was a moment of silence then everyone burst out laughing. It felt hot and it even got into my chest. I gave Ruby one last sad look and left. Ruby was not laughing or even rising an eyebrow as I expected she looked - she looked as guilty as I felt. So I stood up, put some money and left the pub. 


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