A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


34. The Elements Game


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Kyle's P.O.V

Alex started to explain the game to everyone. 

"Now I'll give each one of you some cards. You can't see their value, just their backs. Then each one of us put a card of  them on the table and the one with the highest number takes the others' cards. And the one who loses all of their cards, loses. Now if there were two cards with the same value they say one of the elements; earth, water, air an fire. The powerful water, can flood the earth, and defeats it. The earth can isolate fire from Oxygen, and therefore extinguish it. Furious fire, brings its mighty, scorching heat, and will defeat the air. And finally Air brings with it the winter's chill and freezes water. If the two or more persons match even the elements, they say another one, and the other player have to put down another card. Do you get it all?" 

Clara nodded confidently, of course. A Ravenclaw can get anything like this without any effort. Not all of the others, however, did. 

"We'll try a game first." I said. "And then they'll get it." I paused for a bit while Alex was counting the cards and then said. "I wish it could be more real, you know. It would be cooler."

 "But it can be real. We're wizards, remember?" Clara said. "There are spells that create wind, water, fire and ;not really earth, but a part of it - flowers." 

"Yeah, Aguamenti's for water- " Lily said. 

"Incendio's for fire-" Remus continued. 

"Deprimo's for wind." James said. 

"And .. Orchideous's for earth - flowers I mean, but earth." Max said. 

Yup, they are the experts. They are the wizards. 

"But still, we can't make spells." I said. 

"Yeah, but we can make teams." Clara said. "I'll be with you." She added fast. 

"Of course." I said taking her hand. 

"And I'll be with Sirius." Alex said. 

"Lily and I will be together." James said. 

"Yeah and Ruby and I together." Ethan said. 

"I'll be with Max."  Remus added. 

"And I'll be forever alone." Peter said. Everyone laughed. 

"Yup, I think you will Wormtail." James said patting his shoulder. 

"Now let the game begin." Alex said.





Sirius's P.O.V


It took us about six games till we finally understood the technique of the game and master it. It was so fun! Kyle and Alex were so smart to invent a game like this. Brilliant indeed. I hated how they got lost in their own moments, even if they're just friends. I guess I kinda felt - how to descride the unpleasant  fire that was set in my chest? - probably jealous. We ordered some juice, we didn't want to have more butterbeer. 

We all put our cards down. I got a ten. Alex got an Ace. And our team had the most-valuable card, so we took the other players' cards. We put our cards down again. I got an Ace and proudly waited for the others to give me their cards before even placing them on the table, but no, Remus also had an Ace. 

"Ooooh!" Max shouted. 

"Okay, wait let's count. One, two, three!" Lily said. 

"Air!" Remus and I both said in union. The other players inserted another cards on the table and we had to try again. 

"FIRE!" We both said. Oh my god! What a coincidence!

"Merlin's beard! That's gonna be something awesome to win!" Max said. OK, one more time. I had to win this! 

"WATER!" I said. but at the same time Remus said, "WIND!" And so he got all the cards. Max was all thrilled about it. She even gave Remus a small kiss, as if it wasn't all about luck.

Remus and Max were winning. Peter was losing, he only had one card with him, which he was just going to use. 

Everyone liked the game, and when it was over, Remus and Max won. Such a surprise! I don't know what kind of luck they had, maybe they even had some Felix Felicis before they played the game. When I asked them, they both denied. So maybe they didn't after all.  We were all laughing and talking and we forgot about the time. 

"Hey guys, does anybody have a clue what time it is?" I asked. 

"Not me, I forgot my watch." Alex said. 

"Three am." Said Kyle absentmindedly. "THREE AM?!" he said again realizing it. 

"Oh my god!" Alex said. "It doesn't feel this late." She said. We all agreed. But we had to go now. That was enough. 

"Good news Clara." I said. Clara looked at me a bit puzzled. "We still have to take the Knight Bus again." I said winking. Everybody laughed. 

"Oh, no! I think this time I need to put on some kind of seat belt or something. I mean, after all of the drinks we had I think I may actually vomit, you guys." I remembered the sight of Max and Remus sliding all the way to the front and the back, to the right and the left and I couldn’t help it but laugh - after thinking, they did deserve to win. 



Lily's P.O.V

We were now in the Knight Bus. John decided to give us this drive for free, since the marauders are his friends and everything. He was really surprised by the time we spent there, but actually we were too. Max and Remus were trying to keep their balance during all the ride. Luckily, they succeeded, although I doubted they would. The ride was, as usual very fast, and not comfortable at all. I wonder how people sleep in here! It's not quite scary, I think actually that this speed it pretty funny. John came with the toothbrushes in his hands. 

"You may want to use it. You know, just because you'll end up having a goodnight kiss and everything." He said. 

"I'm gonna make sure I go out with you and the guys the next time you sneak out. No matter if you like it or not." I said to James. 

"And you think I'm not gonna like it - just make sure it's not Thursday, alright. It's the guys’ night." He said fast. I giggled. 

"I hate you." I said failing to hide the smile. 

"You liar, Evans." 

"Hmm, Evans. You haven't called me by my last name in a while."

"Well, I guess I was trying to be formal and in the same way attract you attention then."

"And now you don't need my attention anymore? Or do you feel so confident about yourself, Potter? Do you think I give you all of my attention?" 

"No, I hope so - because you take all my attention, Evans." 

"yeah, that's better." I said putting my hand on his chest. "I think I'm gonna take a nap." I said putting my head now on his chest and sitting on his lap, there was no other place I loved being in better than here on James's lap. 





Alex's P.O.V

"So." I said not certain how to act exactly. "I just want you to know that tonight was one of the best nights of my life, well tonight and when we slept in the Room of Requirements. Thank you so much for inviting me." 

"I - I enjoyed the night with you too, Ally." I breathed heavily as he said my name this way.

"You know, many people call me this name, but I don't know why when you say it, it sounds - different. Better." Sirius smiled. 

"I - I just want you to know that I enjoyed our kiss so much. Something extraordinary happened in it, don't you believe so?" 

Did he feel it too?

"Yeah! Actually I do believe so, it was - perfect." There was a moment of silence. We shouldn't take so long, the others needed the cloak and without it Filch can find us in seconds. 

"You know, I kinda took what John said about brushing our teeth seriously."

"You're so full of yourself you get everything Siriusly." I said. He leaned a bit closer and laughed.

"You mean .. You wanna try it again?"

"If you want to - since it was so ... perfect." 

"Well alright then." I said. We were so close now. We tried it again and well let's just say- I think I'm finally sure I know what true love means.

"goodnight." he whispered to me and turned away.







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