A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


19. Homesick

Ruby's P.O.V

We had our double Herbology classes and it was now lunch time. I took my books that professor Sprout lent me and walked with Katy to the Great Hall. I was really hungry and couldn't wait for lunch time. When we were there I looked at the four long tables. The Hufflepuff's and the Gryffindor's were nearly full. Ours and the Ravenclaw's weren't. Alex and the five boys were sitting together, talking and eating. Kyle saw me and I waved him, he did too. As I sat on the table I checked for Ethan. He wasn't there yet. By the time I finished my lunch Ethan was there. 

"Wanna go sit with Ethan for a bit, and maybe Alex and the Marauders?" 

"I don't know."

"Come on, let's." Katy started thinking for a bit, but then she said, 

"Alright, I'll come with you." 

As I took her hand I went to Ethan first. After we said our hellos and hugged I told him, 

"Let's go and sit with Alex, Kyle and the Marauders."

"I was planning to sit with them, we haven't talked and chilled in a while." Ethan said. 

Ethan and Katy then shook hands and we went to the Gryffindor's table. 

"Hey guys. This is my friend Katy."

"We know her, don't we?" Sirius said winking. Katy shook her head smiling. 

"How are you all?" She asked. 

"We're fine. But we still miss the old days." 

"What old days?" Alex asked. 

"We used to have fun together. Set people's robes on fire, hex some people, you know, all these stupid fun things." Katy answered still smiling for the memory. 

"good times, good times." Said Remus not meaning it at all. Everybody laughed for this. 

"So, did anything interesting happen with you today?" Ethan asked everyone. They all exchanged happy looks and I knew that something did happen. So did Ethan. "What happened?" 

"We had a flying class." Started Peter. 

"Then after the Quidditch match-" Alex continued. 

"That caused our whole house to get so angry and pissed off." Ethan added. The boys laughed. 

"So, as I was saying - we learned how to play Quidditch!" continued Alex. 

"How did you?" I asked.

"We flew. On brooms. We muggles!" Kyle said. 

"How did that happen?!" I asked jealously. I want to fly too. 

"We flew with them. Each one of us took one of them." Sirius said. "And happily I took beautiful Alex with me." He winked. 

"Whoa! What?! Are you guys-"

"She's just adorable isn't she?" Sirius said. Well, apparently they weren't officially together. 

"Yes she is. Yes she is." I said. 

We talked for a bit. James was the slowest one to eat. And he was the sooner to leave, right when he saw Lily he swallowed his food and went right to her. Calling, "Hey Evans!" As usual. 

So we all then left the Great Hall and went to our common rooms. 


Alex's P.O.V

After lunch we went to our common rooms, and then we had an Astronomy class, It was a bit hard, but not that hard. We then went again to our common rooms and I got into my dormitory. As I opened my bag again, I found a picture of me with mom and dad. I sighed and remembered our great memories and our great adventures. And I missed those days, when dad lived with us and laughed with us and played with us, I missed him being around. But then as I closed my eyes I remembered something else. I remembered his other side. I remembered mum's puffy eyes, red nose and salty cheeks from all of the tears she shed from him. I remembered his voice when it arose almost everyday. They fought a lot the last months. It took me a while to realize I was crying. I missed everything, the perfection of the old times, the love, the care. I looked at my mother and began to lost in my thoughts. I missed her so bad! I haven't talked to her in four days. It feels like four years. Mum I miss you. To make things worse the door was burst open.

"What took you so lon- what's wrong with you? Are you crying?!" Max said.

"It's nothing, nothing." I said wiping my tears with my hands, and though failing miserably I tried to smile weekly. 

"Are you sure?" Max said and leaning next to me on the ground she saw the picture I was holding in my hands. "You miss them, don't you?"

"Yeah. A lot! Especially mom." I said and I took a tissue and blew my nose. "Dad hurt her a lot and now I left her all alone to come here." I said my eyes tearing again. Seriously I should stop now. Max hugged me and rubbed my back with her tiny hands. 

"Come here. It's ok, it's ok. It's not your fault."

"But now she's alone! I used to be with her almost all the time." 

"But she's a grown up Ally, she can handle things her own." 

"You're right." I said sighing. "She'll be ok." I blew my nose once more and took a deep breath. I finally stopped crying. Max wanted to say something but hesitated, then she tried again and said, 

"So - They're still together? Your parents I mean - It's ok if you don't want to tell me-"

"Max, it's ok. No, they're divorced."

"I'm sorry." she said looking down.

"Don't be, it's better this way. Well better than all of the screaming and crashing and crying - really better." 

Max sighed but then stood up and offered me a hand. 

"Come on now, you don't want to stay upset, now do you? You came here to have fun, not to cry!" I took her hand and stood up, even that I wan't in the mood. 

"Where are we going?" I asked my voice still shaking. 

"You'll see." she said and she led the way. I really love Max. 



Kyle's P.O.V 


We went to the Great Hall. As I entered I found Max and Alex already there, Clara and Lara weren't there however. Too bad. Professor Dumbledore was standing, silencing everyone and starting to speak. 

"Now's the end of the fourth day for our great guests at Hogwarts, and sure many of you miss their families." He started. Actually I did miss my family so much. Mum, Dad and Carla - I missed them so much. I even missed Ally's mother, she was just like an Aunt for me. "And so for this, I want to announce to you that the owlery of Hogwarts is not far. You can ask anyone for the direction and they'll lead you. Now as for today, we brought you the owls. So grab your parchments and your pens and write your families some letters.The owls will deliver them to your families if you put your right address." And as he said this and clapped his hands, the whole hall was full with owls. All of them were flying and each one to one of us. One of them came lading on the table in front of me. I got a piece of parchment and a pen and started writing my letter to my family. 

Dear Mom, Dad and Carla, 

I miss you guys so much even that it's only been 4 days. These four days have been insane! I've had such a blast in them. Dad I know you're happy that I'm not using your computer this week, but this will only last for a month, then I'll use it everyday. Carla, stay away from my room, alright sweetie?? And mum, I miss your kisses and hugs. 

write for me, won't you, 




I folded the parchment and put in in the owl's beak. 


Max's P.O.V

I sat next to Alex, she grabbed a pen and wrote to her mother, 

Dear mum, 

I miss you so, so so much! I'm having the time of my life here at Hogwarts. Everything's so magical! I met some great people here, boys and girls. I share my dormitory with three girls. I'll tell you all about them later. There's so much to tell you when I'm back. 

I love you more than you know, 


"Is it good enough?" Alex asked me.

"It's perfect." I said. Alex smiled but I still felt some sadness in her heart. She was really homesick. But then something crossed my mind, an idea that would make her get happy no matter what. I looked at the Gryffindor's table and the Marauders weren't there. 

"Alex, follow me." 

"Again?" she asked. 

"Yes! Again." This time I got her blindfolded and she followed me trusting my leadership. I saw one of the Gryffindor's wanting to get in to the common room, I asked him if her could get me in and he nodded. They weren't in the common room either. Great. So they left us no other choice. We went to their dormitories and knocking Sirius opened it for us.

"Yes? Max? Alex?"

"What?!" Alex said. I started leaving. 

"Bye guys. Sirius, Alex is spending some of the night with you." I said and left. Tomorrow she's either gonna love me or she's gonna kill me. 








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