A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


5. Hogwarts





I looked at the huge castle amazed, 

"wow!" I said. It was very huge and had some towers, there was a huge playground near it, but it didn't look like ours. 

"Everyone get ready. We're almost there." We heard someone call from the train's isle, it was one of the prefects. 

After a couple of minutes we were there. Everyone was rushing to get out, everyone was quite excited to get into Hogwarts. We could see the students standing in the windows and by the door they were all waving us and we started waving for them too. 

"Come on." I told Kyle, Ruby and Ethan.

I got out and they all followed me, the isle was so crowded, everyone was hurrying to get their suitcases and get out. We finally got out and brought our suitcases. A tall woman in a dark blue robe and glasses. 

"Everyone here, everyone here." She kept on calling, everybody was standing by her, waiting for her to lead the way, she finally did when he discovered that everyone was there, She led the way to the great castle, by a a huge lake. Every group of us shared a boat with one of the teachers, Kyle, Ruby, Ethan and I shared it with one of Hogwarts male teachers. He was extremely tiny, but he looked so wise. The lake went under a tunnel and then I got why the teacher was holding a lantern for, it did work very well there. The tunnel was finally over and now the castle was getting closer by every second, I couldn't wait to get int it. 

"Now, we're almost there." The teacher said. 

We all took deep breathes to hide our enthusiasm. The great huge gates stood in front of us, I couldn't help but stare at its size. The same woman tapped the door and someone opened it from the inside, letting every student waving us from the windows get in. We all sighed, the place was so wonderful to be imagined. It was full of candles and pictures on the walls, the walls that seemed limitless were all full of pictures of people, old and not very old, people who achieved a lot, I could only tell by seeing their pictures. The pictures weren't the only reason that people were sighing, what was in the pictures was what made them do so, some had their mouths wide open and their chins to the ground, some made small shrieks, and some like me, had their eyes open, trying to close them many times to make sure they weren't imagining or hallucinating. These great people were moving, some waving to us and some just looking proudly, some laughing and some looking as shocked as us. How could they make a picture move?! The man who opened the gates invited us with his barely heard voice and his big hands, 

"Come in, come in." he said. The ones who woke from their shock did get in, luckily Kyle, Ruby and I were ones of these few, it took us a bit to convince Ethan to get in, Ruby probably did tell him about these moving pictures but maybe he never really imagined them to be like this. The pictures were so alive that they were welcoming us and talking to us, none of them needed a name card to tell who they were, they apparently were so popular. In front of us stood marble stairs that led to so many places that I could not even see, in our right was a huge room that the teachers led us to. 

The doors were open, above them were four pictures of people, two men and two women, I guessed these were Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff, their names stuck in my head right after Ruby told us about them, they were so great to find a place like this. This room was full of students, four very long tables were holding them, in front of these four tables was an also long table that held the teachers, they were all grinning at us while the students were cheering, we all stood in front of the teachers table after being led by the same woman. I turned around to face the students, most of the three tables -the first to the left, the third to the left and the last- were cheering, the second table students however looked rather annoyed by us, some even looked at us in disgusted faces, I really hated that table, the students who sat there wore black robes with some green from the inside of the sleeves and some green near the neck, they had a picture of a silver snake in their chests. As I looked at the students I noticed the candles that lighted the room, it now was after twilight and the sky outside of the castle was dark, it was pretty obvious from the roof-less ceiling that was right above me, but wait it's not really roof-less! But it looks so real and so like the sky outside, I wonder how they make all of these stuff. 

"Welcome, welcome to Hogwarts." I re-turned at the staff table as I heard a voice. A middle aged man stood up and came closer to us, he had a long white beard and wore half-moon glasses, he wasn't very old, but he looked so. 

"It's the beginning of another year at Hogwarts. I won't make my speech long, for we have guests this year from the USA's Cambridge High School, it is our pleasure to host you in our humble school Hogwarts. Usually our guests are wizards, or at least from the wizarding world, but this year and from a statement of the ministry of magic we're hosting muggles in our school for the first time ever. Now we'll tell you about some of our history." He said,

What are all these people saying? This isn't actually true, now is it? Isn't it all tricks? I was very puzzled by all of this and as if reading my mind the teacher continued saying, 

"Now I know that you'll all think we all are nuts, but it wont be so hard for you to believe in a month that magic does exist, and is a very beautiful thing, indeed. I've heard that two of you are squibs," Kyle, Ethan and I looked at Ruby, there was also another squib in our school?! "so I probably don't have to explain everything for these two, as for the others, I am professor Albus Dumbledore and I am the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I do believe and hope that you'll have a wonderful time here with us, I will tell you the story of finding Hogwarts and then you'll be sorted to houses so you can enjoy and live the life here like wizards." 

Suddenly everything made since, maybe there could be something called magic, I mean can I be that blind? There are some floating candles right in front of me, some moving pictures and a ceiling that looked just like the outside sky! This is all real, this is magic.

"Arugus, could you please bring us the sorting hat?" professor Dumbledore said. The man who opened us the doors ran out of the hall and then came back with a hat in his arm and a chair in his hands. 

Suddenly the hat had eyes and mouth and like the pictures, it spoke!

"Oh! you may find me a bit spooky, 

but I tell you I'm not, 

not every cap in the world 

could talk that's what I've got. 

I sort you into houses, 

You may be gay about it. 

and if you weren't soon you will, 

and satisfied you'll get. 

You may be smart and witty, 

and it makes you feel so proud, 

in Ravenclaw and the library, 

you will always be found. 

You may be brave and courageous, 

and with a great tough heart, 

Gryffindor will be your home, 

your new life. your new start. 

If you are loyal to you friends, 

if you are just and kind, 

you'll be a great Hufflepuff, 

keep that in your mind. 

And if  to get what you want, 

you would do any anything, 

Slytherin the house of pride, 

will be your everything. 

So! put me on! Don't be afraid! 

I never make mistakes, 

and you will all be

eagles, lions, badgers or snakes." 


The sorting hat stopped singing, everyone now including the students in the second table were cheering so loudly and applauding, apparently everyone liked the sorting hat. I myself did, I was absolutely shocked and  a bit frightened of it but I really liked it, I guess it's a rule or something, you've gotta like the sorting hat.

"Now when I read your names you'll get sorted in one of these houses, here is the sorting hat." One of the professors came with a big brown hat and a small chair, he put the chair in front of the staff's table and he put the hat on it. 

Professor Albus Dumbledore cleaned his throat and then got his something from inside of his robes - a wand! He held the wand and wave it with his long-fingered hand, a long parchment appeared out of nowhere and stood between his other hand's fingers. Then he started reading.

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