A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


22. Full Moon


Hey guys, so before I start the chapter I want to ask you another question.. 

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Kyle's P.O.V


"Kyle, can I talk to you  for a bit?" Alex asked me at dinner time. She wasn't dining with us, she just came to talk to me apparently. 

"What?" I asked casually. 

"Alone." James and Sirius oohed, but Alex shut them up with a deadly look. It made me laugh. 

"What's it?" I asked. Alex took a breath.

"Since you're my best friend and everything - and even that it feels a bit weird to tell you about this but .. I think I wanna tell you about something that happened with me two days ago." She said smiling. 

"Okay." I said slowly, not really knowing to wait for the worse or better to come. 

"I was a bit sad. I started remembering my family and how it used to be, I started getting homesick and I missed my mother a lot and felt guilty for leaving her now alone. So when Max saw me like this, she told me to follow her somewhere and she got me blindfolded. When I got my blindfold off I found myself standing by your dormitory's door. She didn't get me there to see you, she got me there so I could spend some time with Sirius."

"Speaking of him, are you two-"

"Shush! Let me finish. So, Sirius wanted to spend the night with me and he took me to a very beautiful place and everything. Well long story short, we kissed - technically, we made out and ... I think I'm in love with your friend." She wasn't smiling now, she looked rather confused. The idea of Alex being Sirius's girlfriend wasn't weird at all, but when she said it this way, it sounded really weird. There was an awkward pause, an awkward pause between me and Alex was never a good sign. 

"Ok?" I asked finally. 

"Look, if you find it weird, awkward, bad - or anything just tell me! Please. I mean, you know him and - I don't want you guys to feel awkward together or something."

"Alex, it's ok, honestly!" I said. Alex let out a huge breath. 

"Are you serious?"

"You're spending so much time with Sirius that you forgot my name? No, I'm Kyle - the one you love's Sirius." Alex laughed, and this broke the awkwardness. My usual joke.

I was really glad that she told me about this, that she took my opinion, would I do the same if I were her? But it seems that I'm almost like her. I mean, there's Clara and .. What I feel for her is a bit strange, I'm not sure if it's love, but it's still something. 

"You can't stop being sarcastic, now can you?" Alex asked. 

"Naaaah." I said. "Anyway, thanks for telling me."

"What? I am supposed to tell you! You're my best friend, Kyle - no more, you're my brother, really!" She said smiling before I hugged her tightly. This girls is really awesome. 



Sirius's P.O.V

Alex and Kyle came back, his arm around her shoulder.

"It didn't take you much time to cheat on me." I joked, James and Remus laughed -Remus's laugh wasn't strong- but Alex looked annoyed. "Kidding. I'm just kidding." I explained. But Alex still looked upset, more like angry. 

"It's a bad one. Lame and bad - cheating is so bad that you can't even joke about it. And besides, it's Kyle I was with."

"Like hello, Kyle who's very unattractive that I would never cheat on perfect Sirius with." Said Kyle trying to soften things a bit. He did succeed, because this time even Alex laughed. 

"Sorry for my reaction." she said smiling shyly. I kissed her cheek. But then I started thinking about what got her so angry, what made her hate cheating that much? 

I looked at Remus who just let out a groan of pain, it must be hard for him, today's Sunday and tonight's the full moon’s night. We should make an excuse if Kyle or Alex wanted to spend the night with us. It's a good thing we don't have classes today. Tomorrow's Hogsmeade's trip and everybody's really exited all about it, almost everybody's talking about it. Lily came rushing towards James, and after they kissed she started talking to us about the trip.

"So where are you guys going? You have to show Alex and Kyle everything! Hogsmeade's really awesome even we find it so." She added to Alex and Kyle, wearing her hair in a ponytail. James didn't allow her to, he took the rubber off. loved her red hair like that. Alex looked at me as if asking me for a permission to say something and as I nodded gently not knowing what she was going to say and she said, 

"Sirius's taking me on a date."

"Kidding! Awwwhh. Sirius why haven't you told us?!" Lily said.

"Well you know now." I said. 

"And where are you taking her? To the three broomsticks or to the other coffee shop or where?"

"I think we're going to the three broomsticks but, we'll see what she likes best." I said. But as Remus let out another pain groans we stopped to look at him. It was after twilight now, and the sun has set. 

"Do you mind if I-" Remus started, but James, Peter and I went with him - followed by Kyle. Kyle's one of us now and everything but - this isn't the right time for him to be here, Remus's turning into a werewolf this very night and Kyle's around all the time. I wonder how we'll be able to sneak out of the room at night, while he's sleeping. I wonder how we'll be able to do it.


Remus's P.O.V 


After I went to my dormitory followed by the boys I laid on the bed trying to rest. This was really exhausting. Tonight's the transformation night. Kyle came with us and I couldn't say anything about my pain or about tonight - It didn't feel right. It was almost midnight now, and we had to get out to the Whomping Willow. I wounder, will Max come? 

"So, don't you think we should go to sleep now, guys?" James said. He didn't really mean it, he just said it to make Kyle sleep so we could sneak out. 

"I don't know about you, but I'm not sleepy at all." Kyle said. Great. Now what?! We really had to leave the room now, I could feel it . My body started aching and I was going to turn into a werewolf very soon.  Not really knowing what to do, I started looking at the boys, begging them to help me just by looking at them. When I felt that no body could know what to say, I just tried my last hope. 

"I need to go somewhere." I said. 

"I'll go with you, buddy." Padfoot said. 

"And I want to go to the bathroom." Prongs said. 

"And I'll -" Wormtail started. "I'll go to ... I have to be somewhere." he said nervously. 

"Okay?" Said Kyle slowly. He felt something wasn't right, I could tell. "Then I'll go with you Remus, you seem really tiered and you shouldn't go just with Sirius."

Really Kyle? Really?! I didn't know what to say. Sirius wanted to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth. Instead he nodded. So Kyle was going with us, he'd know we were lying to him, and what's worse - he'll know what I really am and he'll freak out and think I'm a freak and a monster and everything will be very complicated. Man! That's gonna be a very long night.  As we sneaked out of the castle, doing our bests not to make Filch notice us. 

"Keep quiet." I said talking to Kyle more than the others. 

We finally were out, I looked at the moon and started freaking out. I had no time! We all started running but then before I could control it, I felt it happen. My muscles started stretching, my skin covering with fur. It was so painful, like it always be. The last thing I saw in my transformation time was Max's face. She was standing by the Whomping Willow that wasn't very far from us. I almost forgot about her from all of the rush I was in, and all of the thinking how to get rid of Kyle. This was really bad. She looked really shocked, and - sad. But then I couldn't tell what happened, I was now a werewolf. 


Max's P.O.V

I watched, shocked Remus getting transformed into a werewolf. I didn't believe my eyes - I couldn't, and how could I? The boy I really loved was a werewolf, I never even thought about it - How? Why? When? I had so many unanswered questions in my mind. Why didn't he tell me about this? Was he ashamed? scared of what my reaction would be like? Maybe he thought I would stop loving him if he was like this. Oh Remus, why didn't you tell me. Seconds ago he was a human, and now he was turning into a werewolf, painfully and sadly. His eyes met mine and a look of shame was drawn on his face. Then he was a werewolf, a complete werewolf. To make things more confusing, Sirius suddenly turned into a Dog, James turned into a stag and even Peter turned into a mouse. This was really shocking, were they all animagus? How? This was all too much for me, and to make things even worse Remus was getting so violent. What was I supposed to do? 

"L- lest's go back to the castle." I heard Kyle saying. I forgot that Kyle was there. I found myself nodding and staring at the four creatures in front of me. This was so bad, not for me - but for Remus. It must be so painful and so depressing, he's really so poor. So I started following Kyle to the castle, at first walking without taking my eyes off of them. As we got in Kyle was going to start talking, but I hushed him with my finger, he couldn't say anything - especially here. So he nodded and didn't say a word, he lead me to his dormitory and since I was out of my mind and felt like I had to tell him so many things, I followed him. Just as he closed the door behind him he started whisper-screaming, 

"What the freaking hell was that?!" He asked, probably more confused that I was.

"It seems that - that Remus is a werewolf and - SIrius, James and Peter and animagus, which means that they can turn themselves into animals just like professor McGonagall does. But Kyle!" I added quickly. "You mustn't tell anybody about this!"

"Yeah, sure." He said. 

"Oh poor Remus!" 

"He looked really tired, didn't he?" Kyle asked. 

"Extremely. I've heard how tough it is to turn into a werewolf at the full moon night." There was a minute of silence. 

"Now what should we do?" Kyle asked. 

"You should either sleep or wait for them - I'll stay here for a bit and wait for them to come back." 


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