A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


8. First Day in Hogwarts

Ruby's P.O.V


I woke up in a place different than my home. I realized after a while where I was. I looked at the bed beside me and found Katy's friend that I was sharing the dormitory with. I didn't talk to this girl yesterday, I was so sleepy that I fell asleep even before the bed time. I got up and looked at the loft bed and didn't find Katy there, I wonder where she could be. 

I was just going to get dressed when I found a robe on my suitcase tagged with my name. It was just like the other Slytherins'. Inside the robe I saw, was a white shirt and a skirt, I wondered what I should wear and went  for the robe since that's what everyone was wearing yesterday. It was exactly in my size. I went out of the dormitory and down the stairs to the common room, Katy was there with three cute boys, one of them had blond hair, the other two had black hair, one of them had his neck-long.

"Morning." I said as I sat in the sofa they were sitting in. 

"Oh, hello Ruby." Katy said, she was the only one to answer. "Those are my friends, Regulus Black and Severus Snape. And that's my boyfriend, Lucius Malfoy," 

The boy named Regulus seemed as if he just noticed me, he stood up and shook my hand. When I looked at them once more, I found that only Regulus and Lucius were cute, Severus was not. I hated his hair, and he had a strange look in his eyes, as for the other two, they were ok, but this Regulus boy seemed alright. He sat by me and Lucius was next to Katy, he was the blond one. He was our prefect, and I've seen him yesterday but I didn't think he was her boyfriend. They all kept on talking, Severus and I were mostly quiet, and Katy and Lucius kept on whispering every once in a while then Regulus did it too.

"You're hot, you know it?" he whispered in my ear. I didn't like his tone, It didn't feel safe, I did take it as a compliment, and a good one too, but I don't know why I still found it a bit .. I don't know, lusty. 

"Excuse me?"

"You are - hot." he said again, his mouth almost liking my ear. 

"Ummm, thank you." I said flatly. And I looked to my right to avoid the distance between our faces,

"What did he tell you?" Katy then whispered.

"Nothing important." I said. 

"No, really, what?" I hesitated for a second.

"He told me that I'm hot." I said rolling my eyes.

"Oooh." she said. I wasn't sure about Regulus, yeah he may be cute but I'm not sure if he's my type, he's more like the dirty type. It got me a uncertain.



Kyle's P.O.V

I woke up and found only Peter asleep, I got out of bed and wore a robe someone sent me, it was labeled with my name and it was the Gryffindor's one, with the lion and scarlet on it. I got out of the dormitory and saw three girls in my way down the stairs to the common room. In the common room I found many people, including James, Sirius and Lupin. Lupin was writing something and Sirius and James were laughing and looking at something on the wall. Lupin had some black marks under his eyes, he looked so tiered. I joined them. 

"Morning, guys." I said.


"What are you laughing at?" I asked.

"it's our timetable for this year." James said. 

"What's wrong with it?" I said as I tried to read the paper that was put on the wall, it had many words that I could not understand, well how can I when they're magic classes. 

"They've given us the first years' table so you can get to know some important stuff, such as flying." Sirius said. "First years'!" He repeated. I chuckled. 

"So when's the first class starting?" I asked.

"After about half an hour."

"Potter! Did you draw all of these - stuff on my potions book?" Lily's voice suddenly rose. 

"Ummm," James said rubbing his neck.


"I didn't draw a lot, just a couple of things. Hey, don't act like you don't like them Evans, I know you do." 

"I - how - I don't like them! And how did you get it, anyway?!" she said, her temper rising.

"I just managed to, somehow." James said. Remus raised his head from the parchment he was writing and looked at Lily from behind terrified. James and Sirius looked at him too, and this made Lily give her attention to Remus too.

"Oh my god! Remus how could you?" she said turning to him.

"I - James - you forgot it in here last night." he said ashamed. Lily then got closer to him and looked closely at his face, surprised. 

"What's wrong?" she asked him gently.

"Nothing, I just couldn't sleep last night." Remus answered. Lily swallowed her anger, just gave James a killing look and got out of the common room. James instantly sighed, Sirius burst out laughing and Remus went to James.

"I told you!" he told him. 

"I know, sorry mate." James said. "come on, let's go to our Charms class." 

They all agreed and got their books, I just followed them and Peter finally woke up and he too followed us. Getting angry of the boys for not waking him up. As we got in the class I saw the man who sat yesterday on the Ravenclaw's table, he was extremely short and small.

"Get in, get in." he said. 

After we got in some more people did, they weren't Gryffindors they were Hufflepuffs. I tried to search for Ethan and I finally found him, he was walking with two boys and a short-haired girl. I waved him and he instantly sat behind me, beside me was Remus and since Peter was a bit bothered by the boys he sat alone. 

"Welcome everyone, for those who don't know me, I'm professor Filius Flitwick and I'll be teaching you Charms. It's all about spells and how you make them, now our guests won't be able to do these spells, they will, however be learning them." 



Ethan's P.O.V 


The Charms class was really awesome to watch, I wished I could do the stuff these people were doing, they all got their wands and were doing some simple spells called, "Lumos" and "Nox" the first one let a light appear from the person's wand tip and the other made it turn off. There was a free time before our next class, Astronomy, it had to be in the evening so everyone got outside and Kyle disappeared with his friends, after a bit I got out and heard someone shouting. 

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