A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


56. Diagon Alley


Kyle's P.O.V

Filch made sure that every muggle only took two people with him or her, and not more. Something told me that he wasn't that excited about this trip. When Filch saw me and the marauders his expression got all angry. 

"You're going too?" He asked. Then all of a sudden he looked relieved. "At least there won't be any mischievous plans of them for today." I heard him murmur to himself as we walked out of the castle.

"The trip won’t take so long." Lily said. And indeed it did not.




"Welcome to Diagon Alley." James said. 

"Wow!" The place was really awesome! Shops were everywhere, right and left. When I looked ahead I saw a huge building called Gringott's. "So that's Gryngott's, the wizarding bank?" I asked. 

"Yup, that's the one." 

"It's marvelous!" 

"Indeed it is. And it's very safe." Sirius said. We were all walking together, doing our best to stay together for as long as possible. People filled the place, and it was kinda crowded, especially with us. Alex was walking next to me, with Max and Sirius by her left. 

"Where should we go first?" She asked Sirius. 

"Where do you want to go first?" He asked her.

"I don't know, I'm so excited to decide!" She said jumping. I started laughing at her childish behavior, even that I was also as excited as her. "What do you think, Kyle?" She asked turning to me. 

"I think, we should start from the first shop on the right and then see all of the shops all the way to the left."

"That's a good idea." Clara said. And Alex agreed with her. So we decided to do as I said. The first shop to my right was called, Flourish and Blotts. "It's a book store." Clara said. "Wanna buy some books?"

"No, I don't read much."

"Welcome, welcome to Flourish and Blotts, Hogwarts students. Now, who's the muggle or are you all? But of course not! I know most of you." The shop keeper said. 

"Yeah, Max and I always buy our books from here." Clara said.

"So do I." Lily said. 

"I don't." Alex said. "I'm the muggle, so are Kyle, Ruby and Ethan." She said pointing at each one of us." 

"Well hello then. I should give each one of you a pack of books. So, come on, they're by the ladder and they're for free."

I went to the ladder with Alex, Ruby and Ethan and stared at the pack of books. Wow! The school's books were all there and they were now for us forever! It was pretty cool because this way not only we'll have our memories and remember our days and adventures, but we'd also remember the magic. In addition to the school's books there were some books about Hogwarts, Quidditch and the wizarding world. It was so great. 

"I think I'm gonna read these!" I said. 

"You think? Oh my god it's so amazing!" Alex said. 

"I know right? I didn't see that coming." Ruby said. 

So we took our books and put them in our bags, it's a good thing we brought our bags with us. We thanked the shop keeper and went out the shop. 

"You know, I think we should probably go to Gringott's before continuing our trip." Remus suggested. 

And so we went to Gringott's next.



Alex's P.O.V

We walked into Gringotts in awe. It was such a huge place and it was so great, but it was kinda spooky in a way, I dunno why I found it like that. Probably the working goblins made it that spooky, although I'm not quite sure. 

"I think each one should go to a different goblin." Remus said. I nodded and went with Max and Sirius to a goblin, Kyle went to another with Remus, James, Clara and Lily and Ruby and Ethan went with their friends to another two. 

"Excuse me." I started. 

"Leave it for me." Sirius whispered. "Excuse me." He said to the goblin. "Umm, there's a muggle here who'd like to change her money for Wizards' money." 

"And her name is?" The goblin asked, as he left his head from the parchment he was writing on.

"Alex Cross." I said. The goblin opened a wrapped parchment and started reading it. 

"Alright. How much do you wish to exchange?" 

"Umm, here." I said giving him my money. I didn't exchange all of my money, just in case I needed some of it as a muggle. 

"That'd be A hundred Galleon, five Sickles and seven Knuts." He said giving me the wizards' money. 

"Thanks." I said taking it. 

"You should, however first sign here." He said handing me the pen he was using. I nodded and signed bellow my name. "Alright. You can now leave." The goblin said at last and so we went to see the others. Kyle was still signing, but Ethan and Ruby had their money now. After we all finished we went out, going to the same place we were in when we first entered Diagon Alley. I looked at the name of the shop next to Flourish and Blotts, it was called, Quality Quidditch Supplies 

"I doubt we'd want anything from here." I said. Looking from the shop's glass I only saw broomsticks and Quidditch robes and balls - Quidditch balls. "I mean, I'd sure like to have a Golden Snitch but what's the point? It's gonna fly away anyway, I know it." I said turning to Kyle who, I know, was thinking of the same thing. 

"yeah, you're right. But, how about buying a broomstick?" He said grinning. 

"Let's get in." I said changing my mind, buying a broom would be cool. Useless, but cool.




At last we were now walking in Diagon Alley, carrying broomsticks in our hands and in our bags we had our books and some wizards' clothes. Professor Dumbledore said that we could keep our Hogwarts uniform so we didn't have to buy another one, but we did buy some other stuff, like some cloaks and pointed hats. We bought our clothes from Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. We ate ice cream and we had so much fun there. 

"What's left?" I asked them. "I mean, I'm sure I don't wanna buy some eel's eyes or snake fangs." Everyone laughed. 

"Why won’t you? I think I'm gonna need them, you know for my potions." Ruby said joking. 

"Actually, Ruby you should be a witch. You're excellent in brewing potions." Katy told her.

"Yeah, I should probably make a business of it in the muggles' world." She said sarcastically. "But thank you anyway."

These shops; the cauldrons shops or a shop named Apothecary, they were absolutely useless for Muggles. So I wasn't sure if we still had anything else to buy. 

"We should get the four of you wands." Sirius said. 

"A wand! Yeah!" I said getting all excited again. 

"Alright then, next shop, Ollivander’s." James said. 


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