A Magical Month (Magical trilogy book #1)

1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There, Alex and Kyle meet some awesome people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


43. Dancing Class

Max's P.O.V

After breakfast we just kept on talking about the ball, just like the other girls. I was really nervous, I - I wanted to look nice, but I wasn't sure about wearing a dress. It's a good thing Alex said I won't be, I don't usually wear girly stuff. Not that I'm boyish, but when it comes to clothes -well, and hair- I'm a bit boyish. 

Nothing really got important until it was lunch time. We were sitting with the boys when professor McGonagall came to us. 

"Hello," She said smiling. 

"Hello professor." We all said in union. 

"I wanted to tell you that the class will be taking time at 4:00 pm, in the great hall."

"What class, professor?" James asked. 

"Why, of course the dancing class!" 

"We're gonna be taking dancing classes?!" 

"But, there isn't enough space, professor." I said totally ignoring James's comment. 

"Of course there is, dear. We will take the tables out and imagine the space we'll have." She said grinning. "Now I have to tell the others, and I'd really appreciate it if you helped me with it." She said.

So we did. We told everyone we could, about the place and time the dancing classes were taking. And I wasn't so excited about them, to be honest, I was really nervous. I'm a terrible, terrible dancer. So, actually I needed this class, but alone, not with everybody around to see how much I suck. 



James's P.O.V

"It'd better be with the girls, the training I mean." I said trying to catch up with the boys. It was 3:45 now, almost four, so we had to go really fast to the Great hall, and just like Remus always says, better early than late. Especially when it comes to dancing with Lily, for me. 

To my surprise, the Hall was full soon. If only that was a transfiguration class, professor McGonagall would've been thrilled! 

"Since everybody's here, I'm going to start a bit earlier than planned." She started. Everyone got silent. "Now as you know, this ball is for world cooperation. Even this whole thing of inviting muggles to our school. World peace. Cooperation. Now this ball will be the event you will have in the last week you'll spend with your new friends, who became, really ones of us." 

"Yeah, I think you and Alex have already passed the friendship line." I muttered to Sirius and he laughed. The girls and the boys were separated in this class. 

"Some muggles are actually better than wizards in some classes, and they should really be proud of themselves. Now, let's talk about the ball again." McGonagall continued. "You should all know, that you have to dance in a polite way. No nasty dancing at all, or you'll be in detention for the last day of school. I'll be teaching you the dance you'll start with-" She paused and looked at the boys' direction. "Mr. Potter, would you mind coming here?" 

What have I done?! I thought.

"Me? Ummm, ok professor." 

"Now-" She said raising her hand. "Put your hand on my waist, please." For a moment I just stared at her, trying to realize what it meant. It was so, so awkward. And everyone in the hall was laughing now. "Come on." She finally said. So I took two steps closer and put my hand on her - waist. It was getting even more awkward, I’ve never thought I'd hold professor McGonagall like this in my life! "Now give me your hand." And so I did, slowly. Now she was holding my left hand with her right one, and her left hand found its way to my back. My right hand, on her waist. "One, two, three, up - that's when you lift me, but it's okay, we can save this to their imagination." The hall burst into laughter. Even I couldn't control it. So what I was supposed to do when she said 'up' was to put my both hands on her waist - and no, she didn't change her mind about lifting her. "Then, one, two, three, twirl." She said twirling. Everybody clapped. I never knew she was this nimble. "And the last thing, one-" She said moving away from me, but still holding my hands. "Two-" She said coming closer. Too close. I thought. "One, two." She then repeated it, I was trying to follow her lead. "Now let's do it all, can you make it, Potter?" 

"Yeah." I said weakly. So it went perfectly, despite the fact that she was a professor and I was her student. The dance was really good, a bit hard, not because of its moves, but because of its speed. The moves were simple, but we really needed to practice. The first time, professor McGonagall did it with counting aloud. The second time, she didn't. One, two, three- I thought counting my steps. Up. One, two, three - twirl. And she did her move. One, two, one, two! It was such a fun and nice dance. And everyone applauded us when it was over. 

"Thank you, Potter."


Sirius's P.O.V


"Are you in love, or what, Prongs?" I asked as James came back to his seat. 

"Shut up, don't ever say anything about this. It's bad enough it actually happened." James said. We all laughed. 

"Too bad, Prongs. It did happen - which means..." I started. 

"It's remaining forever." Moony continued, and we high fived. James just shook his head and sat down. 

"Now you can try it with your pares, the ones who don't have pares yet can dance with anyone else." Professor McGonagall said. Finally.

I looked at the girls' crowd and found Alex sitting there, talking with the other girls, giggling and blushing. She looked at me and caught my eye, I stood up and took her hand. 

"May I?" I asked. 

"Oh, stop it." She said blushing, but she stood anyway. 

"Do I have to count or what?" 

"Only if you want me not to step on your feet!" She said laughing. 

"You're not good at this either?" 

"Trust me." She said, sounding serious. "No one is good at this - well, no one but Clara." She said pointing with her head at Clara and Kyle, who were dancing so perfectly. "We're awful!"

"I know." I said. "That's why we're training. Imagine getting ourselves embarrassed in the ball!" 


Lily's P.O.V

"All right there, Romeo?" I asked as James walked towards me. 

"Yeah, Juliette."

"I wasn't talking 'bout me. You kinda enjoyed that dance didn't you?" I said missing up with him.

"Very much. It was the best experience I've ever had, dancing with my Transfiguration professor." I laughed. "Plus, I'm sorry to tell you this - but she seemed to like me too." 

"Just shut up and let us start dancing." I said still laughing. Since he already did it three times, it was easier for him than it was for me. 

"But you're improving." James said. 

"You should probably get me professor Dumbledore so I can try dancing with him first." I said laughing. 

"Beautiful, and with since of humor, what did I ever do to deserve you?" James asked and grabbed me to a kiss. 

"Miss Evans, Mr. Potter! I said dance, not snog. For god's sake! Be polite."

"So that's what she meant by being polite." James whispered in my ear. 

"She's probably jealous of me for taking her partner away." I laughed. 


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