Young Summer Love

Melanie Garcia, a girl of 14 years old went on vacation with her family, but she didnt expect to met her favorite superstar, Harry Styles from One Direction.
Would they became more than friends?
Would their relationship work out ?
Would they last forever, or just be a summer love?


3. The beach house

When we arrive to the beach house in L.A it was quiet big I cant bealive that my parents spent too much money in this. When we arrive to our new house I went straight to my room and it was much bigger than mines in San francisco. It have a kingsized bed, a balcony with a view of the beach, a bathhroom with a bathtub, a tv plasma and it was paintes in color baby blue with pink and the covers of the bed have butterflys and flowers and it was more comfy than my other bed, and in the room I have a walk-in closet. I have to say, I really want to live here forever. When i finish to unpack I get out to the balcony and take the view of the beach, it was really beautiful, the sun was setting and the sky was painted in yellow,orange and pink it was so gorgeus. After a while I felt borring, so i decide to watch some movies, I search on my bag and find my favorite movie; Mean Girls and then go to the kitchen and find some M&Ms( I really love that chocolate) and some Pepsi. After the movie I take some photos of the house with my camera and my telephone and send them to my friends later i watch some movies and then put my pijamas on and drift of to sleep.

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