Young Summer Love

Melanie Garcia, a girl of 14 years old went on vacation with her family, but she didnt expect to met her favorite superstar, Harry Styles from One Direction.
Would they became more than friends?
Would their relationship work out ?
Would they last forever, or just be a summer love?


4. Surfing in the beach

The next morning I went downstairs to get some breakfast, then watch some tv and decide to ask my mom if I could go surfing."mom, can i go surfing" i ask to my mom and dad with puppy dog eyes " Ok babygirl" says my dad " YAY!!!" i said in excitement "But" says my mom, i groan "Tell James to go with you" says my mom "But mommyyyyyy" I say like a little girl "No buts" "Alright". i went to James room"James, mom tell me to ask you if you could come with me to the beach to surf?" i ask my brother, he went to put his trunks " Alright then, go to put your swimsuit on and ill go get the surfing boards" "Ok" i said and went to my room, take a quick shower and put my polka-dot pink bikkini, put my hair on its natural waves, take a bag with sunblock, sunglasses,and some towels for James and me and go down stair to find James with the surfing boards "Are you ready?" "Yes", I said goodbye to my mom and then James and I go to then beach in our boogie(those cars that the people use in the beach) and drive to the beach.


Harrys P.O.V

When the boys and i arrive to the beach I went straight to swimming in the ocean and then lay down on the sand and take some rest. When i wake up I tried to move but i cant beacause i was burried inthe sand and all the boys were laughing around me " Look whos awake" says Louis laughing, then I get up and began chasing Louis "You gonna pay Tomlinson!" and then when I reach him I tackled him to the floorand ppunch him, when I return to our spot in the beach I bump into someone "Im sorry are you okay?" I ask "yeah dont worry" the voice belonged to a girl, when I look up our eyes met, my green eyes met with her brown ones, she was wearing a polka dotted bikkini and her brown hair was in natural waves, she was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life,

"Hi im Harry" i said " I know, im a great fan, my name is Melanie" she says "Melanie, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" I said with a wink and she blushed, she was adorable when she blushed, "You are not going to scream in my face?" i ask her " Why? Your just a normal boy, of course that you are famous, but you are just a normal boy not a diamond" she says with a giggle, She have the most beautiful laugh "So ,Melanie, how old are you- i ask her *Im fourteen* she says, that disapoint me a little, beacause I think i like her,*Oh , alright, do you want to take a walk down the beach* i ask her  *Sure, that sounds great* she says, then i hold her hand and felt a shiver when our hands touched, we were walking and talking down the beach, for our look these was a beach far away from the city, so there were no paparazzi, as long as we were walking down the beach the wind was blowing through her hair and make her look beautiful. She was like a princess, all beautiful and gorgeus, her personality was amazing too from all the girls that I met she was amazing. And her short size make her look even more cuter. I wanted to make her miine. When we arrive to her beach house i found that her house was beside mines. *It was a really great afternoon Harry, well I need to go home after my mom get a heart attack* she says and I laugh *Well if you need something or if you want to hang out again, call me* I said and give her my number *Thanks I would like to see you again* she says with a smile *ok bye* and then I kiss her softly in the cheek, i know i like to kiss on the first date, but since she was young I didnt wanted to rush her.

When I leave to me and the boys house, all of them had worried looks on their faces *Where have you been all day?* ask liam with worry in his voice *I met someone in the beach and she and I walk down the beach and I found out that she lives in the other house* i said *I she old or young?*  Louis ask me* She is 14, so she is young* i said and all of the boys seemed chocked but then their faces change to normal * Be carful this time Harry* said Liam witha worried look on his face* Ok * i said.


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