Young Summer Love

Melanie Garcia, a girl of 14 years old went on vacation with her family, but she didnt expect to met her favorite superstar, Harry Styles from One Direction.
Would they became more than friends?
Would their relationship work out ?
Would they last forever, or just be a summer love?


5. On my Mind

Still Harrys P.O.V

Whe i went to bed I coulnt sleep well, so I was lying awake in my bed. I cant get melanie out of my mind, its like she is on my head all the time. I cant stop thinking of her so kissable lips, her soft skin, her soft hair, her sweet voice,and her bubbly personality, her cute laugh and most of all, her so irresistible eyes. I think that Im in love with her, I need to tell her that I like her and that I want her to be mine.

Melanies P.O.V

I cant believe that i just met the most perfect boy in the world, Harry fucking Styles and i have his number!!!!!!. I cant wait for tomorrow fo his to ask me out again. Annya and dannya wont believe me when I tell them that I met harry Styles.






sorry, its getting late but I promise to write a sequel to this movella. So goodbye beautiful people. and soory for the gammar and spelling mistakes.


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