Let It Be (Niall Horan)

She's a girl who never lies. She's a girl who couldn't hurt a soul. A girl called Clara. Clara Stryder. She has a nice life. She lives with her mom, who's also her best friend, her Grandpa is Samuel Stryder. Yes, the Samuel Stryder, the famous Hollywood producer, and she has nice friends. Okay, she may be bullied a little in school, but she always gets through it. Besides, it's only her Freshman year at college. She's a strong girl. She was having a normal day that Sunday evening, everything was going as usual, until she was given tickets to London for a break. She never turned down the chance to travel, so Clara, Maddie, and Clara's mom packed up and left for a week of fun. Everything was fine until Clara was snowed in at a small bookstore with an unusual group of people. Five of them being One Direction.


3. Chapter 3

This is ridiculous. I can't believe I am actually stuck in this kind of situation. It's all very ironic, if you ask me. Everyone around me has accepted it and has snuggled up with a book somewhere around the small store and shut everything else out. I, on the other hand, am incapable of do such a thing. Instead, I find myself sulking by the lonely suede couch in the back corner of the shop, completely surrounded by tall bookshelves so that I am secluded from everybody else. My head is spinning and I can't even concentrate on the book I have tried to place before myself.

"You know, it's not so bad if you think of it," an unfamiliar voice says, pondering his words. I momentarily jump at the sudden sound of somebody else talking. How long has he been standing there?

"Huh?" I ask stupidly, coming out from my daze. My head is still spinning and it takes me a moment to look at the boy standing a few feet away from me. The blonde boy takes a step forward, speaking in a different accent. 

"Being snowed in here. It's not all that bad." He continues, as he gracefully walks forward. I don't know exactly what he means, but I nod. I'm still sort of in a daze, but can you blame me? He moves closer and in one swift movement he sits next to me and picks the book I wasn't actually reading out of my hands.

He narrows his eyes at the book, flipping it over in his hands so he can read the cover. "Harry Potter, eh?" 

I immediately answer, accidentally sounding a little bit defensive while saying, "It's a classic." I just feel as though he's judging me, and that makes me feel insecure. Stupid, I know. 

He laughs at my statement, and that's when I notice his ocean blue eyes, sparkling with his laugh. His laughs becomes contagious, seeing as I am unable suppress a silly grin from taking over my face. Who is this boy? And how is he making me smile during a situation like this, when I should be panicking?

"Sorry," He apologizes, stifling his laughter. "I'm Niall." 

"Clara," I say, reaching for the book. I pull it out of his hands and set it on the short wooden stand beside me. 

Niall is about to say something else when a man comes from behind one of the shelves. He seems to be about two years older than me by the way his face is formed, but the small stubble makes him look older and more mature. We both snap our heads in his direction as he starts to talk. 

"Sorry to bother you, but, um, are you Clara Stryder?" He asks sheepishly, looking at me expectantly. I'm silent for a moment. I don't even want to know what my facial expression looks like right now. How the hell could he possibly know that? 

"Uh, yeah, do I know you?" A smile lights up his face as he comes more into sight. He doesn't look familiar at all... 

"It's me, River! I stayed at your grandparents for a while when I was like thirteen!" Once he says River, I freeze. I don't know why, shock of the moment or something. I do remember him. I was eleven, almost twelve, when we met. I had the biggest crush on him. 

"Oh my god..." I mumble as he just laughs. I can't believe this guy. I start to shake my head. This is impossible. 

"What are the odds, you and I meeting again like this?" 

"Yeah, what are the odds. I'm surprised I haven't busted in your face yet." I spit, sounding as harsh as humanly possible. What, thought I was the most innocent girl in the world? Everyone does. That's probably why he thought I'd be so easy back then. Ha, he was wrong. So wrong. 

My head starts to spin again, and Niall seems to sense my unease as he quickly wraps an arm around my should, allowing me to lay my head down. How is this even happening?

"Oh come on, I was a kid. I can't believe you haven't dropped this nonsense yet." 

"Nonsense? Nonsense? You're kidding me, right?" I snap again, lifting my head a little too quikly from Niall's shoulder. What he did to me... it is unforgivable. How, out of all the places in the universe, could I end up here, stuck with him? How is that even possible? Is this God playing some funny prank on me? Well, let me tell you, it isn't funny!

"Well, this is not what I was expecting." He sighs, looking at me, observing me. I glare at him.

"Oh, and what were you expecting, River?"

He tries to look hurt, but I can tell he's unaffected. He sighs, seeing I don't care for him at all nor will I ever, and says, "forget it, have fun with pretty boy over here. I'm out." He turns on his heel and strides away. I look away in disgust. I seriously just cannot believe him. 

"I'm sorry, what just happened?" Niall asks, utterly confused. His arm is still supporting me, and I can't help but shiver at this. It's weird, having some random guy's arm around you. Even if it's just because I'm about to faint. 

"Um-" I hum, my lips pressed together in a straight line. I'm not sure what to say. I know if I tell him, I'll just cry, or worse. "He's just a jerk."

That pretty much just sums it up. It isn't very often bad things happen to me; like really bad things. Which is why I have such a hard time talking about them. Even if it's just with my mom or with Maddie, I feel uneasy. I hate when people feel sorry for me.

"Okay.." He says, not pushing the matter, probably sensing I don't want to. Aw, how sweet of him. "Then how about we go get some tea, yeah?"

I consider his offer. I am a little thirsty... My mouth seems to have lost all moisture due to my constant panic from both the blizzard and River. 

River... If I go to get tea, that means I'll have to see River. But, I can't stay back here the whole time, can I? 

"No, I'm good," I decide, shaking my head slightly. Niall still has a confused expression on his face, but he doesn't ask again. He can probably sense my unease in all of this. Am I really that readable? 

"How about I go get us some tea and bring it back to you?" He offers instead. Wow, he must really be able to read my mind. I nod and he gets up, smiling down at me as he walks away. I watch as he disappears behind the many rows of books and just stare. Why is he being so nice to me? 

A/N Sorry for the short chapters; I don't really have much time on my hands right now. I'm sort of grounded and I'm risking getting kicked out or something just by going on the computer so... yeah. 


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