Let It Be (Niall Horan)

She's a girl who never lies. She's a girl who couldn't hurt a soul. A girl called Clara. Clara Stryder. She has a nice life. She lives with her mom, who's also her best friend, her Grandpa is Samuel Stryder. Yes, the Samuel Stryder, the famous Hollywood producer, and she has nice friends. Okay, she may be bullied a little in school, but she always gets through it. Besides, it's only her Freshman year at college. She's a strong girl. She was having a normal day that Sunday evening, everything was going as usual, until she was given tickets to London for a break. She never turned down the chance to travel, so Clara, Maddie, and Clara's mom packed up and left for a week of fun. Everything was fine until Clara was snowed in at a small bookstore with an unusual group of people. Five of them being One Direction.


2. Chapter 2

"Get the bags!" Mom yells at Maddie and I. We just landed in London, and boy, let me tell you, that plane ride was the worst! The food was terrible, and the seats were impossible to sleep in! Plus, the flight attendant was horrid. But, it was all worth it to be here, in London, England. Land of the British boys and tea. Ah... London. 

Maddie and I rush to grab our bags and then meet my mother at the car. Grandma and Grandpa had given us their driver here in London to take us around the city. It was a kind gesture. So was giving us the tickets, of course. I honestly couldn't thank them enough! 

The driver, I think his name is Benjamin, takes our bags and places them in the trunk. A brisk wind breezes across my face, and I can smell the oncoming snow. Normally, cold weather is a turn off. Not for me. I love the cold! Snow can make anything look beautiful. 

Benjamin drives us to the hotel and we check in to our room, unpacking a little and exploring. After an hour of doing so, I go to get Maddie and my mom to see the city. They gladly come, and our first stop is the shops! We need to get our souvenirs first so we can make sure not to forget. I walk past a small bookstore, and I swear, it is the most adorable thing ever. It's like it is a book itself. The way the bell jingles on top of the door, the way the smell of coffee and tea takes over the entire sidewalk when the door swings open, and you hear the crackle of a fire. In the window, I can see shelves lining up with books. I can't help my self, I have to see it. 

"Guys, we have to go in! Please!" 

"We have bookstores in America, Clara. It can wait. Maddie and I want to look at shoes!" My mom exclaims. I sigh. 

"Okay, then how about this. You two go look at shoes while I scope around in here for a bit? A half hour tops!" I bargain. They don't argue, knowing I won't give up, and allow me to go. I smile and dismiss them, walking into the small heaven. I'm a big reader, as you can tell. As I enter, the heat envelopes me and I immediately take off my jacket, slinging it over my shoulder. This place gives off a feeling of safety and happiness, a feeling of home. There are rows and rows of books, and couches around a fireplace. There's a bar that serves hot cocoa, tea, and coffee. They even serve muffins and crumpets! So British, if you ask me. I scan the book cases, looking at all of the classics and all of the less known but still great books. I pick out a random one and go sit on one of the sofas. I curl up and get comfortable, and get lost in the book.


I'm not sure how long I was reading but a group of about five boys run in, all bundled up from the cold, bring me back to reality. The door closes behind then and right as it does, a big white cover flops over it. They turn around and try to open the door back up, worry overtaking all of their features, but the layers of snow make it impossible. They knew it was coming, though. That's why they ran in like they did.

We're stuck. I start to panic at the realization. I can feel my heart jumping out of my chest. The boys mention a huge blizzard, but I can't hear over my panicking. I can't help it, I'm not good in situations like these. One second I'm sitting here, peacefully reading my book, and the next I learn I'm trapped here!

What about my mom and Maddie? How long will we be trapped here? I take out my phone, but there's no signal. How will they know if I'm okay? Are they okay? One of the boys comes over to me, noticing my hyperventilating. 

"We're going to be okay, you know? They'll get us out." I nod, not really listening. Chaos arises around me. There are only about 12 people here, but they all seem to be panicking like I was. A little girl, probably only 6 or 7, starts crying to her mother. It all happens so fast...

"Everyone, please calm down!" The manager boosts. "It could be worse. Besides, it's just the twelve of us here. We can manage. It will pass over soon enough. At least we have an unlimited amount of books!" 

People start calming down, and I just lay here, on the couch, thinking of my mother and Maddie. How bad do they have it? I hope they took shelter some where...

This isn't what this trip was supposed to be like. It was supposed to be fun. I shouldn't have gotten stuck here...

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