To Walk On Water

Main Character: Marissa - A young girl who's parents are divorced, she is then sent to live with her Aunt Juniper and her two annoying cousins (who push her around and get her in trouble) by her new step-father.
Other Characters: Quinn - A young Dermot boy (elf/fairy-like creature). He once lived in a tree-hut but his home was destroyed by a pack of Nukpana's (demon dog-like creatures). Him and Marissa fall in love, meeting each other through her dreams, he gets taken captive and there is a quest to get Quinn back
Raven - A once Fremont (soldier), turned into crow by black magic, fell in love with an Ianira (witch-like enchantress) who then betrayed him
Aldwyn - A wise wolf, accompanies Marissa on her journey, meet in the mysterious forest, saves life from a pack of Faerwald's (one of the many fierce creatures of the land)
Plot: When Marina falls asleep she travels to another world, a fantasy world. She and others embark on an epic quest across these strange lands to find Quinn


1. Enter The War-Zone

Sunlight glittered through the open crack in the blank ceiling. Marissa stared into the depth of single-shade paint above her as she lay on her bed, consumed in thoughts as memories flashed across her mind. Yells from the floor below echoed along the hallway. The girl sighed as she turned over into her side. Why did my mum have to marry that awful loser of a step-dad? As always Marissa had yet to come up with a plausible answer. Every night since the wedding her house was either a war-zone or a disgusting smooch shack. Marissa buried her head in her pillow. Great. Tonight was obviously world war 3. A loud bang caused the glass of water beside the bed to wobble as a door slammed. She stood up, stretched her arms in a huge yawn and approached the stairs, the water settling as the glass became still. Life seemed to be getting worse everyday. Passing several empty beer cans positioned in a heap at the bottom of the staircase, Marissa took one look and her heart sank to the floor. The drunken mass of her step-father was slumped on the sofa, a fag dangling from his hand. Hesitantly the girl approached, the musty, toxic whiff of tobacco and whiskey seeping into the air around her. She coughed, unable to cope with the stench that was her step-dad. "What happened this time?," Marissa moaned, questioning him as if she didn't know already, "Mum walked out again didn't she? I'm sick of this! Why did you two get married if you're always walking out on each other?" The lazy lump stayed still, as if paralyzed and taped to the sofa. "Why do you care, nosy little twerp? And yes she left, but it ain't my problem," the man sniveled, taking a big gulp before inserting the cigarette into his mouth. Marissa glared at him as he gave her a filthy look. "Fine." She quickly turned round and started making her way back up to her room when the once motionless bulge started to maneuver. "Oh and I forgot to mention.. you're leaving in a weeks time." Marissa stopped dead. "What do you mean LEAVING?"

Rhythmically the clock ticked and Marissa counted as minutes went by. She was late. Again. Once more the efforts of quick packing had not allowed her an early arrival to the station. She let out a deep breath as the girl rolled her eyes. I wonder whose fault that is? The vehicle jolted forward as its wheels began to limit their turning. A tall skinny woman cloaked in posh furs and fancy pearls stood watching her wristwatch. As the lady glanced up Marissa could see a disapproving look in her wrinkled face. Oh Joy. Aunt Juniper. Beside the delicate figure were two 'soldiers' batting at each other with sticks and shooting small foam bullets in every direction. Their weapons held at the ready, the pair charged towards the car in their khaki uniforms, blasting pellets at Marissa as she got out the vehicle. "Stupid brats," she muttered, picking pellets from her hair. Aunt Juniper wondered steadily over, balancing on heels as high as the empire state building. "I see you're late again, silly child. When are you going to learn?," she tutted in the direction of the girl, then turned to her step-father, "And you're just as bad! Would it kill you to arrive on time? Mother would be so thrilled had she known what a lazy good-for-nothing she has for a son." The man continued to stare at her blankly, letting out a breathe of smoke. "Cheers. Look I jus' had to pop inta' the mart to get some roll-ups. It ain't that important anyway," he grumbled, poking around his pockets for a slip of paper. "Eers' her ticket." Loud whistles came from the engine as Marissa and her 'companions' boarded the train. The two armed soldiers followed her like lost but very quirky ducklings. Finally they found an empty booth and as they plonked their gear into the storage compartments, Marissa felt a sense of dread. One thing was certain. This was going to be hell.

Only one thought crossed Marissa's mind as the BMW pulled up before the front gate of a crystal-clean cream mansion. Kill me now. After opening the gate with a special ID card, Juniper led the vehicle forward till it swerved beside the steps of the magnificent structure that was her home. As the four figures approached the front door Marissa's stomach clenched. She felt small as she looked up at the towering building. The door opened to reveal a polished, gleaming floor that was so clean it sparkled. Two staircases arched to meet in the center, leading to the second floor. Above that was the third floor. The mansion was filled with various bedrooms and on-suites, saved for Juniper's invisible guests. In the first moment they set foot in the house the twin soldiers began to speed towards the kitchen, aiming bullets at each other. "Little darlings aren't they?," Juniper spoke politely to Marissa, swiftly taking off her thick coat of furs. "Little monsters you mean," the girl muttered under her breath. Trouble, that's what they were. Trouble. Juniper guided the girl around the maze of her 'palace' until they came to a light blue entrance. "Here is your room. No food or drink up here. And keep this place tidy, for heaven's sake." The bag of wrinkles left, leaving the fragrance of perfume behind. Slowly Marissa began to unpack, a narrow bed lined with a distasteful yellow sheet taking up most of the space in the room. All the walls were pasted in a boring pale cream. Additionally the curtains were even more dreary being a simple, blank shade of white. Marissa collapsed on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. Why here? Why me? She eventually fell asleep, her stomach rising and falling with each steady breath. Little did she realize the next morning would be even worse.


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